its akward when someone calls your name and you turn around but they are actually talking to someone else with the same name as you, amirite?

happens to me all the time -.-

You know the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, amirite?

Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool
And all shootin some b-ball outside of school.

I'm not mean you're just a sissy, amirite?

Happy Bunny!

Justin Bieber > Jonas Brothers amirite??!?! amirite?

if i HAD to choose...

That old "First the worst, second the best, third the one with the hairy chest" thing back in grade school never made sense. Hairy chests are awesome, those things get you tons of pussy, amirite?

it was third the nerd and zero the hero :)

Tictacs don't freshen your breath, amirite?

Yeah, but they taste good

Even when you have already raided the refrigerator and found nothing, you still open it again and again in hopes that something good to eat will just magically appear. amirite?

Been there, done that

You started your journey on FML, found your way to MLIA, and that led you to this site. And you never went back, amirite?

actually i skipped the fml one....

"Cant Be Tamed" might be a good song if it weren't sung by Miley, amirite?

i thought the exact same thing!

This ♥ is better than the one on it's side; <3. ., amirite?

Alt + 3, amirite?

Today the 5.5 magnitude earthquake scared you(if you live in Ontario/Quebec) amirite?

i didn't feel it

Most of the 7 deadly sins are just about impossible to not do, amirite?
When you were little to would pretend pretzels were cigarettes, amirite?

nah, it was all about the popeye sticks. (:

wimpy wimpy wimpy HEFTY HEFTY HEFTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amirite?

i think it's "Stinky, stinky, stinky...Hefty, hefty. hefty"

It's only satisfying when you hear the "CRACK" when you are cracking your knuckles or back, amirite?