The whole "Brony" thing is just a huge conspiracy of trolling, amirite?

Actually, we generally enjoy the series.

People think the whole thing is weird because they associate the franchise with girls, but Generation 4 was aimed at all ages and genders. In the end it's the same as being a fan of Dexter's Laboratory or Adventure Time, or any similar cartoon.

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It's smart to buy three pens at once: One will get broken, one will get lost, and one's what you'll end up using, amirite?

What about the pen that someone borrows but never gives back?

All you need is love amirite?
There should be an international hand signal for "Sorry, my bad" that you can use when driving. amirite?

it could be pointing! hmm smilie

the person who was right points at the person who was wrong, and then that person begins pointing at himself because he knows he messed up.