It's a good thing it was revealed to Ling that Mulan was a woman, because their relationship was getting a little too romantic for two guys in a Disney movie. Amirite?

yes it was shang, sorry, i hadn't watched the movie in a while :/

Dark brown eyes are beautiful, amirite?

haha, everyone in my family but me has brown eyes - i feel so left out :P

I'm a 14 year old girl, it's normal that I've only kissed eight guys, hugged 16, and had sex with ONLY 3, amirite?
@Alright, here's what I think about this...though I disagree with this statement, YOU DON'T KNOW THIS GIRL THEREFORE...

although you are right, we should not judge people, there is nothing wrong with correcting her lifestyle (if it is the promiscuous lifestyle she leads us to believe) if you read through the comments on this page, some of the people on here seem genuinely concerned with her well-being and her future.

I'm a 14 year old girl, it's normal that I've only kissed eight guys, hugged 16, and had sex with ONLY 3, amirite?
@Trazzz Exactly. Ridiculous...

(Trazzz):but i don't think that means people are wrong in criticizing the girl, they are just wrong in congratulating the boy

everyone's house should have trap doors/ hidden rooms, amirite?

try explaining that to the teacher,
"you see, i couldn't do my homework because i fell through the trap door just inside my bedroom door to my new house, then i was trapped in the cellar for the whole night and half the morning until my dog triggered some thing that opened a hidden door, and i JUST managed to get on the bus! So clearly i couldn't do it!"
"it's Monday, you had the whole weekend to do your homework, what happened to the rest of it?"
haha, sorry, couldn't resist - just thought of that and decided to write it :D

brush + comb = bomb, amirite?

and, bomb = ginormous headache!

In the wise words of Albert Einstein, pretending a statement is a quote can make you seem smarter, amirite?

haha, took me a while to get that

It's wrong that a magazine called Gossip Girl the new Friends, amirite?

How could they!?!?!?!?!?!?!
O.o (twitchy anger eye)

If Hannah Montana was any realistic at all, Hollywood would have ripped her to shreds already, amirite?

DOWN with hannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You start craving nuts a lot more then usual when you have a sibling that is allergic to them, amirite?

i don't have any allergic sisters - muahahahhahahahahaahahahaha :)

If only Andy knew what his toys have been through, amirite?
@Whoever voted "no way" has no soul.

gaaaaahhhhh, there are now at least 5 souless people in the world! :/

Justin Beiber totally failed at trying to speak Filipino on his YouTube vid, amirite?
I miss licking it, I miss sucking it, I miss slurping the sticky wet juices off of it. Damn it, I wish I didn't drop my popsicle, amirite?

NOOOOOOOOOO! poor popsicle, my condolences.

Getting stoned in America and getting stoned in The Middle East have some distinct differences from what you've heard, amirite?

haha, it took me like five minutes to get this, i was like what?...
then HAHAHAHAHA - so true, so true :D

"There are plenty fish in the sea!"...that's great and all, but I'm a human, amirite?