About me.

Hello!... I am sir..!

I frequent this website, and use it frequently. If you would like an easy way to navigate my profile, I've created one for you:

My Profile: http://amirite.net/user/Sir
My posts: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/posts
Comments: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/comments
Votes: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/votes
Favorites: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/favorites
Comments loved by yours truly: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/loved
Groups: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/groups
Achievements: http://amirite.net/user/Sir/achievements
And finally, a link back to the amirite home-page: http://amirite.com