About me.

My name is Sirius Black.I also go by Padfoot. I was a Gryffindor in Hogwarts, and I was the only one in my family who was. My entire family were Slytherins, which sucks because all they care about is how pure their blood is. My best friends are James (Prongs), Peter (Wormtail), and Remus (Moony). We created a map called the Maruader's Map, and its awesome. It shows where everyone is in Hogwarts at any given time. It doesnt work for the Room of Requirement though. Anyway, all of us are Animagi (plural of Animagus) except for Remus cause hes a werewolf. James is a stag, Peter is a rat, and I am a giant dog. We all have fun causing mayhem in Hogwarts. I especially dislike Severus Snape, because his nose is so big that if he jumped out of an airplane his nose would hit the ground before anything else. His giant, oily nose also caused the oil spill in the Gulf. I am also Harry's godfather. Im dead because that whore Bellatrix Lestrange killed me with a Stunning Spell, but I still live on in Harry's heart (figureatively, of course. I dont live there literally). Harry also named one of his kids after me, which is pretty cool.