Bing is to searching what Google+ is social networking, amirite?

No matter how much google knows about me, it is by far the easiest to use and biggest search engine out there.

Maturity is letting someone else have the bigger half of the cookie, amirite?

Dieting is letting someone else have the bigger half of the cookie

Whenever you see a picture of a Blue Tang fish, you always think of Dory from Finding Nemo, amirite?

And obviously every clown fish is Nemo or his dad, Marlin.

This is what Billy Mays' tombstone should say, amirite?

Where's his second tombstone?? I thought it was buy one, get one free?

You either love or hate red velvet cake, nothing in-between, amirite?
@iliveforthemusic cream cheese icing...mmmm

I know right! That is BY FAR the best part :D

Most embarrassing thing that can happen to you is trying to take a secret pic of someone with your iPhone and forgetting to put your phone on silence, amirite?

Or forgetting to turn the flash off :/

Store now just skip over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas, amirite?

I tried to fix it but in the middle of fixing it my internet went town..i just got it back ugh!

There is always that one special person you would give the world up to; even if they would not do the same, amirite?

EWWW i hate tht dude sooo mcuh...I WAS NOT REFERING TO GRENADE

Your life is complete now that the minecraft app is out, amirite?
@Fitzkrieg I believe you mean my no-life is now complete.

Hahahaha now that I look back, I completely agree :D

Your life is complete now that the minecraft app is out, amirite?

lol i dnt rlly like minecraft either

Its time for occupy amirite, amirite?

Just kidding....this movement is completely pointless

Posts get ruined when someone adds an emoticon, amirite?

emoticon lol :D :D :D :D :D :D :D....on a more serious note though, i completely agree. It always is so awkward when someone represents their emotions through creepy smileys

Book characters shouldn't have overly complicated names. No one wants to read names like 'Ashaleigh' or 'Schuyler' over and over again, Amirite?

When I was smaller, i would just look at a few letters and make up a random name with them. It was really awkward when I was in book club/talkin to the teacher and I used this made-up name lol.

True love is like a plastic flower; no matter how many times it is trampled on, it survives, amirite?
You have never played, and probably never will play COD, amirite?

i heard it sucked lol