dear how to lose weight add on the middle of the screan, i dont wanna see a picture of an animated person lying in a seductive pose, and i dont want to hear your weird old tip. Im fine with my body. amirite?

take the hint

As a method to stop road rage all stop signs should instead say Stop Hammertime! amirite?

hammertime should not be stopped

The best athletes are usually the hottest ones. amirite?

have you seen female athletes? the wnba?

French people are pussies. If you need proof, the french word for shower is douche. They douche themselves everyday. Douches are for pussies... amirite?
@Well your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of eldeberries :P

@139301 (Cainersauras): I spit at your feet and fart in your general direction :P

It's the pinnicle of human hypocisy that there is such a high demand for animal rights, yet the killing of unborn humans is considered a personal choice. In other words, we'd rather protect the puppies and rabbits than our own children. We need to get our priorities straight, amirite?

A famous pianist is dying of a blood disease. The only cure is to have him receive blood constantly from another person for 9 months. A group of his fans decide to kidnap you during the night and attach you to the pianist. When you wake up, they explain that if you detach from the pianist he will die, otherwise, you must stay attached for 9 months. do you have the right to get up and walk away from the pianist, thus killing him?

If you are what you eat, then we're all dicks, assholes, and pussies. amirite?
Sex can be a casual act between two mature people. You're not a slut for having a lot of sex anymore than you're a pig for eating three times a day, amirite?

lol at the zealots and virgins on this site

Commenters on amirite are much more intelligent and respectful than commenters on MLIA, amirite?

Fuck no we aren't.

What if a goldfish's mind held all the secrets in the universe in that 3 second memory span? It would be in the greatest bliss in the world; reaching an infinite state of enlightenment and satisfaction, forgetting it all so none of the troubles can reach you, and then having that joy of discovery all over again... amirite?

Thoughts are only as fast as neurons which travel approximately at the speed of light. In 3 seconds, it would be impossible to know the secrets of an ever expanding universe with maximum thought speed as it is.

There are only two ways to win a argument: prove yourself right, or prove the other person to be wrong, amirite?
"Of which 0 made it to the home page" is a little depressing, amirite?

and this won't help you get there

You are a virgin, amirite?
Edward Cullen is weird, who sneaks into someone's bedroom just to watch them sleep. amirite?

you created it to disagree with it? you fuckin fag attention whore

I turned on my Charmander pants came off, amirite?

She hopped onix and I gave her a squirtle

You always get dryer faster after a shower if your hair isn't wet. amirite?

you get dryer faster if you use a towel... if your hair isn't wet, then you aren't getting dryer faster. you are getting dry at the same speed, you just require less time because you don't have to dry your hair. water doesn't go away faster