vibrating, vibrating Earthquake! Earthquake! Oh wait, I just went to sleep with my phone under my pillow again. amirite?

you would have to be retarded to mistake a vibration from your phone for an earthquake

Its annoying when sophomores say they hate freshman. They were freshman the year before. amirite?

you'll understand why everybody hates freshmen as soon as you arent one. we all said what you're saying as freshmen.

You think some artistic vegetable lady has your back, and then you still get banned for a month. That's messed up. amirite?
@Artemis You did. You got banned for it, so it's obvious Ant doesn't like it. Smarten up and move on.

when did i ever threaten to kill or rape you? if it had to do with eating artisticbroccoli, that was clearly a joke.

Student: 'can I go to the bathroom?'
Teacher: 'can you??'
Its not funny if you say that every time someone asks, amirite?

use the word may, it will solve your problem

Your computer always freezes right when you need to do something important on it, amirite?

it freezes after i watch a lot of porn

then every show is about disorders. and denial isn't a disorder at all. so your whole argument is wrong.

don't you hate it when people ask if you are a cat or a dog person, why the hell does it matter, you are just going to make a false judgement about me anyways, amirite?

dog = good
cat = faggot

Some people have been telling me that black is not a color. I say that it is. amirite?

They just mean that it isn't a conventional color. Black has 2 different connotations, neither of which include it being it's own color.

In the additive color sense, black is a combination of all colors. you can get this using paint, crayons, markers, etc...

In the subtractive color sense, black is the absence of color, as in it is all the light being absorbed. Notice if you put white light through a prism it separates into all of the colors. Showing the subtractive effect

It makes no sense for men to hate women because without them, they wouldn't exist, amirite?

Without men, women wouldn't exist, have food on their table, cars to drive, etc...

LIFE, Live It Fully Everyday, amirite?

Lick Incredibly Full Erections

Screamo music and heavy metal is for nerds who need a power trip, amirite?

just my opinion and not directed against any particular user

people say nothings impossible, can you give birth to yourself? amirite?

i can give birth to a billion tiny me's

Public masturbation is necessary for all ninja training. amirite?

Its excellent training. you need to be very sneaky. like ninja

Nobody can refudiate my opinion. amirite?
I can live without you, I just don't want to. Amirite?