About me.

I have a pet peeve about bio boxes. Why should I condense my entire personality to a short blurb? Sure, I could say something that describes a facet of my soul, but that would not be as correct a reflection as this rant.

I'm new here. Most noteworthy thing about me is that was quite infatuated with Totobean, and we once dated. He's rather cute. :3
(And therefore am not straight.)
I grew up in a nerdy household, and know pretty much all there is to know about D and D and M:tG.

Most people go through phases of knowing me - First they think I'm happy and innocent, then they think I'm depressed and corrupted, then they generally are too confused by the layers of intrigue to bother to delve deeper.

I consider myself as a jack of all trades, master of none. I do cross country running, Frisbee, track, hiking, swimming, fencing, and volleyball for sports, but I also am an avid reader and a writer with a modicum of talent. In general, I spend far too much time online - whether on forums, formspring, (http://www.formspring.me/morthos17) , amiright, facebook, or chatting on Skype.

I am an ENTP.
I suffer fools gladly, but then avoid them in the future and attempt to minimize communication.
I am an actor! I over-enunciate and spit on my friends! I have been given a grip-top-sock!
I also am slightly vampiric when it comes to bright sun.
Continuing with the vampiric trend, I like the taste of Blood.
My name autocorrects to Skylark or Squealer in older versions of windows.
My username is an anagram of my first name and last initial - the expanded version, an anagram of my whole name, is Tech or Skryble.
I dislike wearing clothes.
I often start up conversations with strangers I meet on the bus or in the park, just to get a brief glance into their lives.
I am proud of my stalking skills.