You call your pet by lots of versions of its name e.g. my cat is called Squeak and I call her Squeakles, Mrs. Squeak, Squeaky Peeky etc. etc. , amirite?

Pretty much. My dogs name is Dodie, and I call him Dumbass

Thevoiceinyourheadjustspedup. The. Voice. In. Your. Head. Just. Slowed. Down. THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD JUST GOT LOUDER. The voice in your head is now at normal again, amirite?
Asian people are lucky, they can fall asleep in class and not get in trouble for it, amirite?

Man I love it when you copy and paste things from a google search of witty sayings

If Heaven had a supergroup angel band it would be this. Guitar: Dimebag Darrell/ Bass: Cliff Burton/ Vocals: Ronnie James Dio/ Drums: John Bonham. amirite?

understood. keep it hush hush

Sometimes you wonder if guys really do care what girls wear, if they use make up , or what style their hair is. amirite?

we dont at all, and the two comments above me are both completely correct

Average teen mag: "DON'T CARE if others tell you you're too fat/do not use the right make-up/wear the wrong clothes/like the wrong celebs and music! You are an INDIVIDUAL!" ... (turn page) ... "...and this is what EVERYONE should wear in autumn! Check out Lady Gaga's new style! Miley Cyrus has a new song you simply gotta find awesome! And NEVER ever wear blue eyeshadow if you have blue eyes!... amirite?
@Gumpert No you're not. You'll come back and read every comment... I've you brainwashed.

As much as you are correct by this statement, you used incorrect grammar. "I've you brainwashed" isn't proper grammar.

All the Justin Bieber jokes are, really, just replacing all the Jonas Brother jokes. amirite?

They're definitely not replacing them, it's just an addition, along with the miley jokes

It's like when a lion escapes from a zoo, and the zookeeper starts torching kittens to deal with the problem.

@@400782 (SlipKnotic): wow i dont like you either

I'm not here for everyone to like me, I'm here to say my opinions, like everyone else is here to do. You guys are free to disagree with whatever I say

You know what canned/sliced pineapple looks like but you don't know what the intact fruit looks like, amirite?

i wanted to vote this no way, but i didnt because it had an even -1000 score, which i didnt want to break

You wish your school had a Glee club, amirite?

Glee club practice tomorrow :)

We all know that one person who can only be described by their name, amirite?

In my grade, that's me.

The amirite guy is now holding pizza boxes for some strange reason, amirite?

he was for about a minute

They should combine the words "with" and "the" when used right after each other and make it "withe", amirite?

AHHH. I honestly cannot write those two words in sequence, I do this every single time. If this were acceptable, my life would be so much easier.

You were really sad when Rue from the Hunger Games died...amirite?