You call your pet by lots of versions of its name e.g. my cat is called Squeak and I call her Squeakles, Mrs. Squeak, Squeaky Peeky etc. etc. , amirite?

Pretty much. My dogs name is Dodie, and I call him Dumbass

I think, therefore I am smarter than the average teenager, amirite?

You have to remember that you're on a site full of teenagers who actually do think.

if earth blew up and there were no aliens around to here it, does it make a sound, amirite?

No, because sounds isn't formed until the waves hit the eardrum and the vibrations are interpreted by the brain as sound, and sounds waves can't travel in the vacuum of space.
And I already know people are gonna hate on me for being so serious about it, so here ya go, a bunny:
( ) ( )
d b
u u

You know you are Australian when you can sprint in thongs, amirite?

And you know you're American when you thought of the underwear before you realize they were talking about sandals or slip-flops.

It's like when a lion escapes from a zoo, and the zookeeper starts torching kittens to deal with the problem.

"Tits" sounds much sexier and bigger than "boobs", amirite?

I'm immature, so I like boobies :P

You were really sad when Rue from the Hunger Games died...amirite?
This website should be promoted more and be a great success, amirite?

Because then the little family we've built here will be swarmed by people who don't belong. It already happened to MLIA and FML, that's why I'm here now!

You have those days in school when you think “F this I’ll become a prostitute”, amirite?

Said that the other day, actually.

Southerners: You get really disappointed when you travel north and Dr. Pepper isn't on the menu, amirite?
@Retooser What I've encountered up North is more of restaurants only having Pepsi products and not Coke or sweet tea.

Up north, at least in CT, NY, MA, and ME, it's about a 50/50 split between restaurants having coke or pepsi products, and not very many have Dr. Pepper. But it is very popular up here.

You would give me a massage for $5, amirite?

I like where John_Smith was going with this

You were really sad when Rue from the Hunger Games died...amirite?

Ok, for all the haters on this. This is probably one of the least surprising aspects of the series. Honestly, there's no need to get your panties in a bunch over this

You've heard people say that it's going to suck for atheists if there is a god, but I think it'd probably be worse for religious people if they worshiped the wrong god. Just imagine, a whole lifetime of servitude and obedience for nothing, amirite?

I think that if you lived by good morals under one God that you believed in, that any God there actually was would know that and still let you into Heaven or Nirvana, etc...

Its funny how runescape is for ages 13+ but not that many people play it over the age of 10, amirite?

dude im 14 and i still love it, along with my other friends, some of which are seniors inhigh school. and i know you think that were probably nerds, but we really arent, we just dont automatically exclude some games because of their stereotype

The feeling of rusty spoons is almost orgasmic, amirite?

AAAAAHAHAHAHA dude I love this series! You absolutely made my fucking day