About me.

Hi I'm slytherinangel, I live in the wonderful state of Montana where everyone thinks we ride horses to school and do everything by candlelight still. I attend university here and I'm going for my BoS in Psychology. Some day I hope to have my PsyD in psychology because I would love to have more options open to me as to what branch of psychology I could go in to. I love video games, reading, making video blogs, writing on my blog, writing short horror stories, watching movies, hanging with friends, partying, harry potter, singing, dancing, shopping and camping. Most people would describe me as a fun loving, crazy, weird, hyper chick that drinks way too much coffee, is way too obsessed with harry potter and has the ability to make anyone laugh. ^.^

As of February of 2011, I am now 21 and so I can add drinking like a crazy person and doing drunken karaoke/dancing on my list of things I like to do. XD.