Think of a brand, now what would an honest slogan for that brand be?

It is sort of a tradition that every medical student thinks he has contracted whatever disease he is currently studying.

I am sure we did not discuss this in the interview, but apparently ‘pants’ is a requirement of this job. You don’t like it when you discover a work rule you never know about.

I once had a job where only females were allowed to wear short pants.

Can you come up with a new name for a church? An actual one I found is the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, located in N.Z....:)

There is a legend among Christians about a congregation that split over whether or not A & E had navels. Those who believed they did formed The First Church of the Navelites.

The first thing I do is refuse to admit it.

You mean like your computer is somehow still running after you turn off power? Or your car is somehow still running after the gas runs out? Is that what you mean?

Let's get real, shall we? If there is such a thing as life after death then there is spirit, and everything in the bible is true. But the bible says when you die you are dead. "No more a part in anything under the sun hereafter forever." So live your life while you can, because when you're dead you can't.

I declare this the Amirite Pun Post. Pun away!

I hope you don't expect fast responses. My puns are only half fast.

How much of your perception allows for this point of time...? Understanding the deviation from the "norm" can be a stretch...

Tiff, if there is any problem you can send me a pm and we can talk about it.

Men are more sensitive than women.

The word is misused so much that it no longer means anything.

How much of your perception allows for this point of time...? Understanding the deviation from the "norm" can be a stretch...

Sexual confusion has always been around, even in biblical days. It was so rampant that God specifically cautioned His people to avoid it, not even wearing clothing intended for the other sex. Not because it's bad but because it causes confusion, and confusion is not good. Satan uses sexual confusion to divide communities. You can resist Satan by simply refusing to be confused.

If you Discovered Free Energy?

FWIW "Free" means not associated with any fuel. Not free of cost.

NEW STUDY: 1 in 5 male fish now transgender from chemicals being flushed down household drains. Have these same chemicals also been altering the gender of humans?

How come you never hear of females becoming transgender? People keep saying it's an accident, it's random, so why is it only random for males, not females?

Do you think that aliens exist?

"Aliens" just means "anybody not from around here." Every international airport in the world has a door marked "ALIENS" and everybody from outside the country has to go there.

A man endures vicious personal attacks almost every day of his life. He must endure insults for the way he parks his car, expressing any opinion, choosing a shirt that does not please some stranger, and on and on. There are people who will refuse to do business with him because the heels of his shoes are slightly worn. Keeping the guard up is elementary.

Arguments between couples are just power struggles. Amirite?
If you Discovered Free Energy?

It has already been discovered. It works, but it's not reliable enough for a commercial product.