Do you dislike gifs?

Choosy perverts choose gif.

Well! Did somebody learn a new word today?

The world would be a better place if you would all just agree with me.

I don't care what that creep says, but I happen to agree with that particular statement. No remark gives offense, you have to TAKE offense. So if you are offended, well, it's your own fault.

The purpose of a government is to prevent anybody else from taking control. The duty of a citizen is to control his government. That is why governments always eventually treat citizens as enemies of the state. Always.

You dont like mayo or miracle whip, amirite?

Mayonnaise was invented by a chef who ran out of cream. It is an emulsion of egg yolk in oil, with vinegar or lemon juice as the emulsifying agent and mustard for flavor. Here is a nice recipe for an omelette using mayo:

I'm not sure of what you are trying to say.

Which is your favorite type of chocolate and tell us why if you wish.

White chocolate is good for slicking down your hair, if you want to look like Max Headroom. It is also useful as an emergency torch if your flashlight doesn't work.

The Sesame Street format was designed specifically to pander to a child's attention span, and their opinion of it was pretty short. They eventually figured out that the little lumps were capable of following an actual story line, but they still continued with the pixelated presentations, limited to a few seconds, and no allowance was ever made for the audience growing up.

Sesame Street has endured for 47 years, not because it does anything right, but because it is the only group that even cares about the kids. Everybody else just wants a baby sitting service.

They said it couldn't be done.
But he laughed and went right to it.
He tackled that task that "couldn't be done"
and by George...He couldn't do it!

What do you call a swimmer with no arms or legs?




It is rather difficult to find someone who knows what is a right and what is not.

Is there something that really annoys you that doesn't bother most people?

It really annoys me when people don't agree with me. The world would be a better place if everybody would just agree with me.

Art is like common sense, you have to draw a line somewhere, amirite?

That makes no sense.

The people would demand a law to control him. Government types will not tolerate a lack of control. People give lip service to freedom until somebody does something actually free. Then they start saying "Uh oh, we gotta put a stop to that."