Mosquitoes are probably the only animal that most people agree its OK to kill in any way necessary, amirite?

Fire ants (where nonnative)

since numbers are arbitrary in another world 9+10 could equal 21, amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon The symbols are arbitrary, not the concept.

that's what i'm getting at. The symbols value could be different

Creating a national holiday for essential workers would not give essential workers a day off. amirite?

Isn't that called labor day? Oh wait- im in aus

It's not all doom and gloom if a young couple has a kid early in life, and shouldn't be seen that way, amirite?
The person in front of you is also the furthest person behind you. amirite?
@dankXD What if I looked into a mirror. Would mirror version see an infinite loop?

I don't think so. Light goes in a straight line and at this speed I doubt it rotates around earth with this little gravity

Vampires who sleep in coffins must be aching all over when they wake up, due to the poor mattress options such bedframes permit. amirite?

Nah, memory foam is a great option. You can cut it perfectly to size, and I remembers me and says „Hi, Matt" when I come home from a long night of blood sucking. Great improvement after 283 years of straw.

Grandparents want grandchildren for the same reason children want pets: all of the fun and none of the responsibility. amirite?

Oh it's perfectly rational for grandparents to want grandchildren. Just like it's perfectly rational for you to want your best friend to get a boat.

Your marriage is a joke when your marriage can't take a joke. amirite?

making fun of an autoimmune disease isn't a "joke"

Maybe babies cry right before they fall asleep because they remember what it's like to not exist. amirite?

If you didn't exist you wouldn't have any emotions, I think you'd be more at peace, not crying.

We haven't had a Tarzan movie in awhile. amirite?

Legend of Tarzan 2016 is close enough

Taller people face more expensive prices for dressing, food, etc. amirite?
For the average person becoming Batman is more attainable than becoming Bruce Wayne. amirite?

I can help anybody be like batman. Now totally unrelated, where are your parents? :)

Interacting with humanity is guaranteed to decrease your mood. amirite?

And likewise, not interacting with humanity will decrease your mood.

Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?
@-avoidingwork- My 4 year old has actually worked on his pronouncing of words because our Google Home couldn't understand him. Now...

Huh, then could Alexas be be a good tool to help kids work on their pronunciation? Like, you dont get the media you want unless you say it right?

Animal mascots are technically universally accepted fur suit, amirite?