About me.

hey (:
Im a junior in highschool and I live in texas.

Music i like-
Coldplay (went to their concert, my life is now complete)
Taylor swift
Maroon 5
The ready set
Simple plan
the maine
a rocket to the moon
And lots of others..just too lazy
Any suggestions let me now (:

Tv shows i like-
Pretty little liars
The big bang theory
Teen woft

Random facts-
I love soccer..obviously (on variety at my soccer)
I have two dogs and a cat
Live in Texas but wanna escape
I only have a few close friends
I dream of traveling the world one day
Favorite color is blue/blue green
I think that if a guy plays music it makes them instantly cuter..or sports (:
I have no clue what I wanna do when I grow up
Anything else..messsage me (: