I went to a restaurant the other day and I noticed that my waitress had a black eye. I made sure I spoke loud and clear when ordering my food because she obviously had trouble listening, amirite?

Knock knock jokes are offensive to doors that were in abusive relationships.

Girls: you like 'em with no hair down there, amirite?

Yeah, leg hair is disgusting.

One of the worst comments you can make on a post is "How does crap like this get home paged?" It's insulting to the OP. Everyone makes crappy posts every once in a while, and the OP has no control over what gets home paged and what doesn't. Amirite?

and it's so annoying when people love your comments,

Miley Cyrus's chance of being assassinated by a Nirvana fan just skyrocketed, amirite?

Oh god why did I just look that up that was awful. I just died inside in so many ways, I'm not even a fan of Nirvana, just a general fan of music that doesn't sound like nails on a chalkboard.

Teenage girls need to realise that just because a word ends in an "s" does not mean it requires an apostrophe. amirite?


McDonalds seems to be the best fast food place. amirite?

In-N-Out burger. End of discussion.

One of the reasons I find the old Pokemon games to be better is because there are so many sidequests and stuff that didn't pertain to the actual gym battle goal. The new ones are ike "Pokemon Gym! Pokemon Gym! Pokemon Gym! (small obstacle) Pokemon Gym! Pokemon Gym! Pokemon Gym! Pokemon Gym! (oh yeah, beat the Team Rocket rip-off guys) Pokemon Gym! Elite Four! Win, amirite?

I think you're completely wrong. No Pokemon game has ever had legit side quests, it's always just been gym, gym, gym, gym, trouble with villain team, etc.
If anything the new games are much less focused on collecting badges, there's a more in depth story, deeper characters, the gym leaders and your rivals realize there's something going on and help defeat the villain team, Red and Blue didn't have that. It was GYMSGYMSGYMSGYMSGYMSGYMS team rocket GYMS!!!!!!!!

Girls: you don't know who Adel al-Jubeir is; guys: you know who Adel al-Jubeir is, amirite?
Anthony thinks he's very clever but, anyone with a bit of brain can figure out how to write like that, amirite?

He explained how to do it.

It's weird/clever how in Harry Potter, if you say Diagon Alley / Knockturn Alley as one word, you get diagonally / nocturnally, amirite?
@Icel In norwegian it's "Diagonallmeningen" and "Spindelsmuget", so I never really got why he ended up there..

I have now found the two funniest things to say ever. Diagonallmeningen, and Spindelsmuget.

It's better to let 10 guilty men go free than put one innocent man in jail, amirite?
@B10ckH34d Seriously, think about it. If one innocent man is in jail he'll be like, "Wait, what? I was on my couch, then some...

Wait are you suggesting that due to the "innocent until proven guilty" rule, the court system is so perfect that no innocent person has EVER gone to jail?

If you're planning to assassinate a British indie-rock band, Franz Ferdinand probably isn't your best bet, amirite?

Franz Ferdinand is the name of a British indie-rock band.

This "noone" guy must make a pretty good therapist.

Swimsuit shopping is so much easier for guys, amirite?
@chiclet_teeth The only features they need (or care about) is two leg holes and a lining. Girls have to choose between bikini...

Actually no, girls don't HAVE TO. They just do. There's no reason it's harder other than it's made harder if you make a big deal of it.

Even though Portal 2 is rated E10+ because the content is appropriate, no ten year old has the patience to complete a game that difficult without checking a guide every five seconds, amirite?
@thatguys took me hours...

I have an embarrassing (but funny) story associated with that chamber. I was going through that part of the game during the middle of the day so there was a glare on the TV and I couldn't see the platform leading to the button. I spent a really long time trying to figure out how to propel myself over to it; I even got a PS3 trophy for taking a long time on that level.