About me.

Seeing my Zodiac Sign (which I fit): Cancer: I Feel:

  • Intuitive / Perceptive / Suspicious / Introspective
  • Protective and Possessive
  • Self-absorbed about things/people that I see as mine - but not with food (I like to share food xD )
  • Encouraging and Supportive
  • Domestic / Home loving
  • Devoted (to things I like, at least) / Always procrastinating (to things that I don't like)
  • Imaginative / Dreams big / Over-imaginative
  • Sensitive / Over-sensitive (Touchy - Moody) / Easily hurt - but easily consoled too
  • Compassionate and sympathetic
  • Love is one of a kind / Romantic / Clingy
  • Caring
  • Freak / Weird
  • Quiet unless excited or tensed
  • Honest
  • Concerned about people's feelings
  • Spontaneous and Unpredictable behaviour
  • Shy with strangers, but just fine with friends
  • Needy (in love and with friends - I don't like to be ignored by the people I care about)
  • Manipulative (when I want, yeah, I can be manipulative - and that means I can spot when someone is trying to manipulate me on the internet, so good luck if that's your thing)
  • Optimist to others, pessimist with myself (Mainly realist, I think)
  • Even with all the emotions, I can be practical if I have too
  • Deep thinker
  • Loyal (Trust is a serious business to me. Lose my trust and you won't have it ever again)

Others aspects about me:

  • I believe in Love (I don't care about the gender or ethnic. You're Homosexual, you're Bi, you're Heterosexual, you're White, you're Black, you're Asian... I honestly don't care. I have my taste, you have yours. If you're not hurting/forcing people, I have nothing to say). /// If you have an issue with normal people (not criminals and such) just from having a different sexuality/ethnicity/religion beliefs from you, be aware I won't think much of you if I'm aware of that.
  • I like respect. And if you can't act in a respectful manner, don't even bother talking to me. Pretend I don't exist and move along with your life. (I'm not speaking of swearing, btw, but of attitude)
  • I don't get people that hate what they don't understand (if you don't even understand it, how can you hate it or go against it?)
  • Politics are kinda... meh.
  • I want to go to Ireland, England and Scotland :D
  • I read too much into things (which can get me in problems sometimes)
  • I like to eat. A lot.
  • I like do read. A lot.
  • I like being alone, but I also love spending quality time with the people I love
  • I don't like to fight. It gets me in a bad mood and I hate being in a bad mood. So if you are looking for a fight, go get it elsewhere.
  • My English is not perfect and I know that, so if you are trying to insult me, using my English is quite pointless. Feel free to message me if you notice a mistake I keep making. I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  • I don't like insensitive people who are pretentious, thoughtless and harsh (I can deal with blunt and I like blunt, but "rude-heartless" people - and I don't mean cursing - I can't stand)
  • I don't get fake people, especially on the internet (What's the problem in being you? If you are not killing or ruining others lives, just be you. Someone, somewhere will hate you not matter who you are, so why be even more miserable? Someone, somewhere, will love you too :D - I know it's a cliche, but it's still true)
  • I don't like people who abuse innocent people (mentally and physically - being rapists, or domestic violence, or any kind of bullies). I really, really, don't like them. If something makes me agree with the Death Penalty, it's the existence of those people.
  • If everyone I love is happy, I'm happy :D
  • I'm here to pass a good time. I'll say my opinion nicely as I can, but sarcasm is something I use quite frequently.
  • I use swear/curse words.

I was Sofia☆Come Along, Pond on SodaHead.

If I follow you, chances are it's because you seem like a good person or I find you interesting.

My life and ambitions.

None, really. I just go along with what happens.
But I guess I want to work in a library/bakery and have a normal and simple life. Have a family and a nice house.

A brief history of my life.

I was born and I grew up. Still learning stuff - and that will continue until the day I die.

The things I could never live without.

Basics: Food, Water and Air.

Material stuff: my laptop. I have years of my life in it. Also, my books. I love my books.

I'm not going to put any living being, because I know one day they will die. I can't avoid that.

My favourite books, TV, music, movies and food.

  • Books and TV: Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Erotic, Action, Horror, Psychological, Crime, Thriller, Comedy
  • Music/Movies: All kinds, really. It depends on my mood
  • Food: Pasta and meat are on the top of the list. I can be picky. I prefer salty to sweets, but I still like sweets. Water and Coca-Cola are my favourite drinks.

The coolest places I've visited.

I'm still waiting for when I go to Disneyland. I've been wanting to go there since I knew of it's existence in my childhood.

Yeah, it'll probably never happen.

In my free time I like to...

Listen to Music
Watch Anime
Read Manga
Watch my favourite shows
Watch Movies
Play with my dogs
Play cards
Play video games
And stuff...

Favourite Quotes

Too many to list

But right now is this one: If "forgive me" would make up for everything, then we wouldn't need hell! - Skip Beat (2002 Manga)

You should send me a message if you..

want to.

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