next time someone calls you a bird brain, say thank you. Alex the African grey parrot proved that a bird brain is stupid wrong. He was a bird who could answer different questions and answer correctly. He had the brain the size of a walnut, yet he had the intelligence of a five year old child, amirite?

that may be so, but being told you're as smart as a five year old isn't exactly a compliment

It's terrible how Lady GaGa made a Christmas song and made it about sex, amirite?

what song?

You hate it when you put your finger/hand/etc in something easily, such as a hole and it won't come out. If you can slip it in easily then it should be able to slip out easily too, amirite?
It was pretty cool in Deathly Hallows part one when Harry said amirite, amirite?

when did be say that? I can't believe I missed it

You have that one peice on jewelry or clothing that you just have to have on. If you don't, you feel naked, amirite?

Does my hairtie count? It should count considering I have a tan life where I keep it on my wrist

Girl to boy: "Suck my dick." everyone laughs. Boy to girl: "Suck my dick." everyone stares, amirite?

when a guy tells me to suck his dick I tell him I'm not allowed to put small things in my mouth

To All The Perverted People Out There: You better start thinking long and hard about how long you can last in the real world. You might put yourself in quite a sticky situation if you arent careful. ;) amirite?
Homer actually had an additional literary work called "The Verilae", but it never caught on. It was an EPIC FAIL, amirite?

that's a smart person joke :)

how high does the sycamore grow? if you cut it down, you'll never know, amirite?
@PersonaNonGrata @713459 (Sokkasocks97): CAN YOU PAINT WITH ALL THE COLOURS OF THE WIIIIIIIIND ? :D

you can own the earth and still all you'll own is earth until, you can paint with all the colors of the wiiind

Girls: If your school's P.E uniform was a shirt and shorts and they didn't have sweatpants your main dilemma wouldn't be "oh no! ill get cold!" it would be "FUCK! now I actually have to shave in the winter!", amirite?

I don't have sweatpants

More people would read the Bible if it was called The Adventures of Jesus and Friends, amirite?
They call me Buddy. I'm the boss, amirite?
you don't give a fuck if one of your favorite posts has a new comment, amirite?

I go to public school, what do you expect

so there are the i <3 boobies (keep a breast) bracelets for breast cancer, right? what about testicular cancer? i <3 weenies. (keep a testicle) i think zumiez should make these, amirite?

I'd buy a I<3 weenies bracelets

@Amish_Allosaurus The president of Kenya even said that Obamas birth place is a big attraction.

listen to my words YOU CANNOT BE PRESIDENT IF YOU WERE NOT BORN IN THE US! In the constitution it does not say you may not be president if you were not born in the USA... Except you , obama