We are constantly burning dead dinosaurs to get anywhere. amirite?

"fossil fuels" are not made from dinosaurs

Maybe you are actually mentally handicapped but you don't realize it because you are mentally handicapped. amirite?

so why was i kicked out of the disabled toilet

Gene Roddenberry was a prophet; turns out we're the Mirror Universe. amirite?
@monsterallergies Wasn't there a big nuclear war in Star Trek lore? We may not be the mirror universe, we may just be entering the...

Fair point. Feels like the Republicans all have secret goatees, though. When those are mandated by the Supreme court you'll know i was right.

Some of our dreams could be Oscar-winning screenplays if shot as a movie. amirite?

I believe that some people's dreams did become Oscar winning screenplays and they were undeserving of such praise.

Glasses make you look smart, but you have to fail a test to get them. amirite?
As people get older women pee too much and men can't pee enough. amirite?

Tell that to the intelligent design ppl

Movies have shown almost everything, but you never see a person sneeze. amirite?

There's many sneezes in You Got Mail. She has a cold. This is dumb. There's lots of sneezes in movies.

Mockingbirds think we communicate in car alarm and siren. amirite?

They are forms of communication, often ignored

The vast majority of the sky is actually below our feet. amirite?
people believe that the illuminati is the most secret society even though it's clearly the most popular one, amirite?

Illuminati isn't even real

Glasses make you look smart, but you have to fail a test to get them. amirite?
@rotersscap1982 Actually You have to score really high 20/20 is better than 20/80 And 20/200 is legally blind

A 20/200 is a 1% score
A 20/80 is a 25% score
So the worse your score, the worse your eyes are.

It's unlikely, but entirely possible for a 9th planet in our solar system to exist, but matching Earths orbit on the other side of the Sun so we can't see it. amirite?
@monsterallergies Pluto. Is the 9th planet

Well, based on that logic there are actually 17 planets.

If you walked in a straight line along the equator following the dawn at the same speed as the Earth rotates, the day would never end, but the date would change every 24 hours. amirite?
You can't spend one dollar after hitting your first million dollars, because you will not be a millionaire anymore. amirite?

key is to reinvest it to multiply it. in your mind you're not a millionaire until you've acquired all you believe you will need (house,cars,trinkets,etc) and still hold millions, imo.

Being gay is more expensive than being straight, amirite?

Yeah no kids is really expensive 🙄