About me.

I'm 17 and a Senior in high school.

I live in the incredibly boring state of Misery... I mean Missouri.

I'd rather set my right hand on fire than eat a steak [vegetarians FTW].

I love animals and nature. I want to be a marine biologist.

I refuse to be politically correct.

I like reading. A lot.

I have an abnormally dark sense of humor and I'm extremely cynical.

I still think Pokémon is awesome, and I don't care if I'm "too old for it".

Linkin Park, Bullet for My Valentine, Three Days Grace, Underoath, In Fear and Faith, Papa Roach, blessthefall, Skillet, Saosin, Avenged Sevenfold, Escape the Fate, A Day to Remember, Breaking Benjamin, Red, Paramore, Rise Against and Story of the Year; to name just a few.
-I hate 99% of rap, hip-hop, pop, and country.
-Music isn't my life, but it is my life support.

-Unlike everyone else, it seems, I am a conservative.
-If you have a problem with this and want to be hateful before you even know me, keep it to yourself.
-However, if for some reason you want to chat about politics and you can be civilized, feel free to message me. I enjoy a good political conversation every now and then.
-I never watch the news, so I'm definitely not "brain washed" by Fox.
-I'm anything but a follower, so I don't just agree with everything Republicans/conservatives say and do.
-And since people seem to think this, allow me to point out that "conservative" is not synonymous with: redneck, greedy, homophobic, stupid, racist, ignorant, or religious.
I'm pretty much the opposite of all of those.

And that's me. Yay.