About me.

I feel like I JUST updated this, but maybe I should redo it now that I'm in a better mood.
Hay. I'm Reagan. I was named after President Ronald Reagan, and definitely proud of it.
I'm mostly Italian, and I love it.
I have 5 cats :P Cadamie, Crash, Sissy, Gigi, and Milo :)
My all time favorite band is...... Panic! at the disco
Second favorite is The Killers, and third is Aerosmith :D
I like any kind of rock. Everything from deathmetal to soft rock. But most of what I listen to is alternative, screamo, etc.
I LOVE to express my personality through what I wear. None of my friends dress like I do because they're too afraid of what people think. Honestly, it's more fun this way.
I'm definitely a musician. Flute, guitar, bass, piccolo, drums, singing. (I'm in Lawrence Children's Choir. Check us out :D)
I'm also an artist. I have my own style of drawing. Manga is fun, so is abstract.
I write poetry. Hey, I'm not the best out there, but I try. :]
I attend a private school, but it is probably THE most ghetto private school on the earth. Eh, I learn stuff :P
I like cashews. Nevershoutnever. All time low. Bring Me The Horizon.
Oh goodness. I forgot to mention that I'm in a band. We are Contents Under Pressure :D (we're just starting.. so..) I'm the bassist and lead vocals.
I think I covered just about everything that makes up my everyday life.. Yup. all done.

I like to talk, but I'm kinda shy at first. So I'd be rather pleased if you'd be the one who said "Hi" first :D