About me.

__I'm forever in Anthony's debt.__

Hello, person reading my about me. My name is Christine. I am uncool.
- My day of birth happened around 16 years ago.
- My birthday is November 17th, so give me presents. loljk. no but really. hello smilie
- I have a face (which can be seen if your move your eyesight slightly to your left)
- I have a brother, a sister, a mom, and a dad. And a cat.
- I've got arms and legs and stuff.
-I like movies. Good ones. Scary ones.
Well that was informative.

I am from the United States of America.
That being said, you probably:
a) think less of my intelligence and/or think I'm a hillbilly
b) think I am obese or
c) don't care and aren't quite sure why you're even reading this.
(I personally fall in the 'c' category)

I like people so you should get to know me. That is, if I "fit your requirements" of people to talk to. But really, if you actually have a list of requirements that need to be met before you talk to people, you'll just never have friends. Unless your standards are low... But then why even have a list to begin with? I suppose that's an opinion-- we all have one, which is why we're here, amirite?

I remember when this site was not this popular. A while back, if a post had +50 that was considered an amazingly popular post. +100 was almost unheard of. Cool? Yeah, not really.
It's pat yourself on the back time! So glad you could be here to enjoy this with me.
POTD! gsikghsnvosrneg - One of my first posts. :) Sad it's anonymous. Being anonymous was all the rage at the time. Or so I thought...

Agree or disagree, whatever. ;)

Interesting factoid of the next two seconds: The second most popular post of this website was posted on December 8, 2009. I remember seeing it on the Just In section. That makes me cool for some reason. Just kidding, it doesn't.

Chances are, you didn't actually read all this. I mean, it was rather long and I hold nothing against you if you didn't. On the off chance that you DID read this, well you're considered pretty cool in my book. So cool, that I'm making a list of all you cool people that read this whole thing. Just tell me you read it and I will add your name to my list.

My list of 'Cool People'. Starting January 18, 2011.
1. CrazyCat 2. Gavin 3. Th3don 4. Rboyer23 5. Truuninja 6. Oh_My_TicTac 7. Joker 8. Kk15 9. Fastpitchgoddess 10. The_Enlightened 11. ISetMyFriendsOnFire 12. VickyJoe 13. Anthony 14. _hannah 15. Somewhere_I_belong 16. Anniebananie92 17. ILikecoOki3sXD 18. Actbadlookgood 19. Smb4ever 20. Gommy2bear 21. Mollypop 22. Adria 23. ConnorNoonan 24. Alice 25. Katy_perry 26. Anbright 27. Garrettruskamp 28. KrügerOtto 29. Vivaciouspancakes 30. GlassJaw 31. HayMoeCar 32. DobbytheElf 33. Reptart 34. XoxSophiexox 35. HastyCroissant 36. Fieldhockey216 37. Welovemuffins 38. ThisIsWhyImRight

I love you. ^^****