It's sad that, as a race, we're more content seeing two men holding guns than two men holding hands, amirite?

maybe you mean as a country? Because I definitely feel more comfortable with gay guys than with men holding guns.

British accents on guys is so adorable and smooth, but on girls it just has a different tone swing to it, because the guys, Robert Pattinson, Johnny Depp, etc, it just sounds so, dare I say, sexy. On the girls, it sounds somewhat lovely, but just not sexy (and i'm not saying this as a diss on British girls!) amirite?

Johnny Depp's not British..

I shouldn't really feel bad that I got a bunch of "No Ways" just because I spoke my mind, amirite?

nahh it just means your opinion differs from everyone else's. How fucking boring would it be if we all agreed??

Titanic and the notebook are the saddest movies ever. Amirite?

Wouldn't watch either without a box of tissues, but have you ever seen 3:10 to Yuma? Or the bit in the Lion King when Mufasa dies :(

People really need to stop bitchin about using the word "gay" or "fag". Free speech thank you, goodbye. amirite?
@I use whatever word I want. If someone doesn't like it, they can kiss my ass.

yeah I guess it's easy to not give a shit about what people think of the language you use when you're anonymous, right?

The Vampire Diaries is NOT a ripoff of Twilight, it was actually written first, amirite?

true but it probably only became a tv series because of the vampire hype which, sad to say, Twilight was the main cause of.

The whole concept of blue cheese is off, you wouldn't catch anyone eating mouldy bread and calling it a delicacy, amirite?
@ta2sides2 Shut up . Seriously. You american right? it is tasty. Get some class. It comes from ancient times when humanoids...

Firstly, no I'm not American. I mean, I take it that when you wrote "You american right?" you meant "you're American right?", but if I misinterpreted your poor attempt at a sentence, I guess you just need to work on your expression. Also, "shut up"? Are YOU American? Secondly, "pick up rotten food"-- where do you think cheese comes from? In case you didn't know, people make it, they don't just happen across it-- just out of interest, who were they scavenging it from in this ancient scenario of yours? Thirdly and finally, I have no problem with cheese, I just find blue cheese strange. It's mouldy, and I find the idea of people eating mouldy food strange.

People who make fun of people who like Twilight are idiots. For gods sake, they can read what they like, amirite?
@Rebel You could argue that, but it's only true if you let people's opinions influence you. Otherwise it's just as...

that's true and having thought about it, reading some books can be harmful, like if you decided to sit in the middle of Iran reading the Satanic Verses or something..

Something professing to be a meeting of Brand New and Bright Eyes shouldn't be shit, amirite?
The most exciting part of turning 16 was not being able to drive, but being the age of consent in my state, amirite?

yeah because underage sex, there's no WAY you could ever get away with that.

Finding Nemo is a classic, amirite?

noooooo! The Lion King, Snow White, Peter Pan, Hunchback of Notredame, Bambi, Hercules etc-- Nemo just doesn't compare!

The bright spark in Sainsbury's who decided to change the uniform colours from orange and blue to orange and maroon needs to have his eyes checked, amirite?
It's not actually that difficult to capitalize your I's, amirite?

actually It requIres supreme concentratIon at all tImes. Or one mIght just slIp through :)

School computers suck, amirite?

wooooow wish the English government were that generous.. I swear the computers in my school are about as old as I am.

It would be pretty sweet to have a twin, amirite?

I know this for a fact :)