You prefer Les Miserables to Phantom of the Opera, amirite?
Life would suck if periods were permanent, amirite?

Then they wouldn't be called periods if they lasted for more than a period of time...

Emperor Qin's burial palace was totally swank, amirite?

TThis was on a test??

Careful kids, I guess it's legal for your parents to murder you, amirite?

Define "reasonable doubt". I think there was plenty of evidence that Casey killed her daughter. I think the searches on her computer for "chloroform" and "how to break someone's neck" are a red flag, and that is only one piece of evidence!

To stay healthy, not only do you have to exorcise, but you also have to maintain a healthy diet, amirite?
French is just so classy, amirite?

I meant like anything French, not just the language.

Jewish Bruno Mars : I'd breathe in that gas for ya, lay in the oven for ya, I'd ride in the train for ya, you know I'd do anything for ya. amirite?

This is horribly rude and insensitive. You should be ashamed.

Girls got it easier: A Vibrator can greatly outperform and outpleasure the work of a Man's penis, but for Men nothing can substitute a mouth or the sweet,wet, tender, warm gushiness that is a Vagina. amirite?

Us girls have periods and birth....

The class of 2011 doesn't really have anything going for it as far as catchy slogans, amirite?

double the 1 double the fun

The cracks in public bathroom doors are too large...I always wonder if people can see through them, amirite?
@Possimpiple repeat :/

it is??? ugh i felt so original for thinknig of it!!! :(

You can still remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when the twin towers were crashing, amirite?
@Ellen I was too little to remember =(

Yeah, I was little too but I still remember it really vividly!!

pretty little liars is the best series ever!! amirite?

for books though