Girls can be adopted by a gay guy couple, but guys cannot be adopted by a gay guy couple. That would just be creepy. amirite?

By that logic, heterosexual couples shouldn't be allowed to adopt any kids at all because at least one of the parents would HAVE be attracted to the kid, right? In fact, only lesbians should be allowed to adopt boys and gay guys to adopt girls. What a revelation.

When a girl tells you that she just had her period, you are officially in the friendzone. amirite?

unless she follows with: " we have to do it in the shower."

The Bachelor: One small step for man, one giant leap backward for women's equality, amirite?

I've never understood women (or men) who go on these dating shows. Really, she's signing up for inevitable public humiliation/bad press for the 1% chance that a) she'll win the show and b) actually continue on with the relationship? AND she knows that the guy is probably boning the other contestants while she is actively trying to woo (yes, WOO!). Why not just go to a bar/online? Her chances are probably higher, and if she gets shut down, the rest of America won't know her face well enough to remember her as psycho contestant #3.

such a confusing phenomenon. can't believe that show has gone on for this long.

You don't have to be a woman to be a feminist, but that's the way society makes it seem, amirite?

ugh YES. And we're not all about burning our bras and not shaving our legs! Feminism, at its most basic level, is about seeking/establishing gender EQUALITY. It's not about saying that all men are scum, or anything men can do, we can do better. It's ridiculous that the second I bring up feminism, I see boys' balls crawl up in fear.

It's annoying when your friend complains about having multiple people liking them, and you don't have anyone liking you, amirite?
@KickAss Having too many friends is just as annoying as being lonely (I'd assume, I've never had the lonely problem), but...

lol are you for real. "This person seems to be feeling kind of insecure...I'm going to post about how his/her problem isn't so bad even though I've never had that problem. Pity me instead!" UH what?
I can't tell if you're being a troll or obliviously insensitive.
If it's the latter, lemme break it down for you. You can always tell your multitude of friends that you need space or make up an excuse when they all want a piece of you because you're sooooo popular. But hey, at least you know that you have the comforting option of social interaction; truly lonely people don't. Loneliness isn't "annoying'; it's crippling.

It's not weird when you like your high school shop teacher a little bit when he forgets to shave because it makes him look hot, amirite?

glad to see there's someone else here who appreciates a little scruff ;).

...but in your situation, you might wanna keep your thoughts to yourself haha. look but don't touch!

The fact that Rebecca Black has been bullied into stopping public school is proof that some people have taken their comments much too far, amirite?
@ASWCC Although some people take it to far she needs to understand that people don't like her

She "needs to understand that people don't like her"? Really? After all the press she's gotten where her song has been labeled one of the worst songs in recent history, you think she doesn't know that? You think she didn't see all the troll/hateful comments on her youtube video? I thought "Friday" was a bit ridiculous, but it was just a young girl harmlessly trying something out because she likes singing. What's wrong with going for your dreams? There's no need to bully her endlessly for it. That's just kind of cruel and indicative of how bitter her peers are that she's made more money now than they'll probably make in 15 years.

If people don't like her, they won't buy her music and that'll be her feedback. Even though I may be jealous that she's made bank off of a crappy song, the fact is we got entertainment from how bad it was and we had a good laugh over it. For all the public humiliation she's gotten for this song, she's definitely earned some of that money.

Lots of people say that it's stupid when people say "I love you" after dating for a week. Well saying "I like you" sounds a lot stupider. amirite?

I think it's perfectly acceptable to say "I like you" versus "I love you." If a guy told me he loved me after a week (ESPECIALLY IN HIGH SCHOOL), I'd be freaked out and think that his idea of "love" must be incredibly shallow compared to my own, and most likely break it off with him altogether. Saying "I love you" preemptively/for appearances is what is actually stupid.

Your skin possesses the amazing ability of being simultaneously dry and greasy, amirite?

C-C-C-C-COMB...ination skin.

I'll stop now.

When a little boy plays Grand Theft Auto, he never plays it for the story. He just looks up cheat codes online and goes on a murderous rampage, amirite?

or he goes around nabbing criminals and helping the local townsfolk :]

I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

how is this post at ELEVEN right now. never have I felt so old.

If Bellatrix Lestrange had a facebook, she'd be like that annoying Christian girl who always posts about loving Jesus, except she'd rave about Voldemort. amirite?

Walked by a Muggle today and he said I was "hot in a scary way." So I thought, "WWVD?" and Avada Kedavra-ed him. g

There are trucks that are for the men that actually need them, and then there are trucks for the men that work in cubicles to feel like a man again. amirite?

Hmm, I usually define a "man" as a guy who treats others with respect, is self-reliant, and is willing to work hard and sacrifice for his loved ones. If he's doing all that from a cubicle, he doesn't need a damn truck.

Everyone who says they hate Mcdonalds because its greasy and disgusting is lying to themselves. No matter how much you WISH you hated it because its so bad for you you still love it...just admit it, everyone knows you're telling bullshit anyway, amirite?

out of all the fast food chains, you're rallying for Mcdonalds?!

It's annoying when your friend complains about having multiple people liking them, and you don't have anyone liking you, amirite?
@orangesocks (cry2) My hats and socks are SEXY, OKAY?! /cue breakdown/

forrealz (minus the breakdown). plus, do you really want to be with someone boring who doesn't appreciate your socks/hats? fuck no.