Women who stay with men that beat them are like a horse with blinders on. Never pay attention to anything other than what is directly ahead of you.

I used to say the same thing, then one day I realized "Hey, I'm in an emotionally abusive relationship" and the reason I found it so hard to leave him was because I would tell myself one day he'd go back to the way he used to be when we first started dating and we were happy.

When a man abuses a woman (or vice versa), either physically or psychologically, usually he/she wasn't always that way. The one being abused will remember the good times and think the abuser will change, but they rarely ever do.

Please don't pass judgement until you've been there because you have no idea how difficult that really is.

It's OK if a girl doesn't shave any part of her body, amirite?

It's pretty messed up how many NWs there are on this post. Hair is a natural part of the body- if you don't like it, that's fine but you are not allowed to tell people what they can and can't do with their bodies- especially when the only reasoning you have is sexist as hell. If a guy doesn't shave no one would think twice but a woman is expected to spend her time, money, and effort so complete strangers can find her suitably fuckable. Anyone who genuinely believes they have a right to tell someone how to look needs to reevaluate themselves.

You should appreciate nature

The absolute most useless picture in the world. Makes me want to disagree, even though I agree with the post.

Is there anything wrong with smoking marijuana? (Other than it being illegal)

Bong hits for Christ.

Some days... you just need a teddy. Amirite?

So fucking thought provoking and original, and the picture is so fucking necessary

Brilliant POTD. The site is flourishing.

what will you be giving on valentines day?

Lol at all the nothings.

I gave out flowers to random people and hugs.
And I've messaged people that I like or admire with hearts.


Love is love. It doesn't matter if it's a boy and a girl, a boy and a boy, a girl and a girl, a blalck boy and a white girl, a white boy and an asian girl. It's the beauty of two humans sharing love that is all that should ever matter. amirite?
@LinksLegionaire Sucked the magic right outta the post, didn'tcha?

Science is magic. It makes me happier to think people can tell so much from bone structure than to pretend an X-ray picture of two people kissing can symbolize love being blind.

The similarity between ape DNA is cool. Amirite?
@BlindMist Well, I don't know about that but I know I don't eat the pig because the pig eats too much garbage and junk, and...

I'm sorry, but you seem to be extremely misinformed about things.

"Pigs eat too much garbage and junk" They eat the same exact feed stock the other animals do. And what makes you think all the synthetic processed crap you eat is any better than what pigs eat? It's actually been hypothesized that human meat would be toxic because of all the crap we eat.

"A pig is so filthy that he will eat a poisonous snake and not die" Immunity to venom has literally nothing to do with cleanliness. Certain chemicals affect certain animals in certain ways. For example, NMDA receptor antagonists can cause vacuoles known as Olney's Lesions in the brains of rodents; however no such lesions have ever been documented in primates, and NMDA receptor antagonists are used commonly in medicine. The biggest point I wanted to make is that snakes are not poisonous, they are venomous. Venom and poison are different; one of the main differences is that venom can be consumed without ill-effect. It has to come in contact with your blood-stream to be dangerous.

Humans use venom in their cooking. As long as there are no cuts in your mouth or esophagus, orally ingesting venom is safe.

Why is everyone against Valentine's Day nowadays? Sure it must suck to spend it single and yes love should be shown every day of the year instead of just on one day, but this is not what it's all about. Valentine's Day is just like Mother's day or Father's day but for your partner; it is a special day where you and your loved one get to appreciate each other and realize how much they mean to you. Amirite?
@MrRite You haven't offered any convincing counterpoints to the argument that we shouldn't need a specific day to show...

The point isn't that we don't need to have a specific day for that, we don't need any holiday, the point is that that we do have a day for that and it's stupid for people to hate it.

There ought to be a word for this: You are getting very mellow and you notice a sensation in your pinky-toe so you type in “symptom pinky-toe twinge” and start reading, before you know it, you are driving yourself to the urgent care center because you are convinced you have Herr Flugelhorn’s disease and require an immediate splenectomy to prevent further complication. That word should be WebMdosis. Amirite?

I believe you are talking about a hypochondriac.

It would be interesting if there was something like a comic con for amiriters so we could all nerd out and debate en masse. It would also be kind of funny going around like "Hey Janelle! Sup Len? How's it going Johnny?" to people you've never actually met before, amirite?

Will there be anons at such an event? Like people with question marks for heads going around the event making negative comments towards everything anyone else says?
"Cole made this cheese dip. It's really good and you should try it!"
Anon- "Tastes like shit.. downvote."

I assume there's cheese dip at comic cons.