About me.

Hello, good Sir or Madam. I see you\'ve found my profile. I also see that you\'re interested enough in me to read said profile. Or...you\'re just really bored. That might be it, especially since I do the same thing. So if I favorite a lot of your posts in one go, it might be because I am on my BlackBerry and bored to death, and your profile looked somewhat interesting. Feel free to do the same to mine.
I am using my mum\'s iPhone to type this though. It\'s an awesome phone, but she doesn\'t know I use the internet on it...so, uh, don\'t tell her.
So, enjoy your stalking of my profile (which I\'m sure you\'re about to do if you read that whole paragraph about li\'l ol\' Spell here), and have a very good day :)