Surprisingly, us girls at slumber parties we don't usually have sexy pillow fights or 'experiment'. There is always at least someone crying, some sort of stupid drama, or a huge fight. amirite?

Here lies Squidward's hopes and dreams.

you know at least 2 guys who have reluctantly confessed to you that they've sucked another guy's cock just to experiment, amirite?

No. But ill admit Ive done it. I just hope no one i know reads this.

You can't imagine the skillet must take to own and run your own pancake house, amirite?

What you did. It's there, and I see it.

The most messed up thing about our society is racism. Not racism against minorities, but racism in their favor. Africans Americans can have black history month, black only colleges, and black only organizations, and all that is just fine. But if we so much as suggested white history month, or white only colleges and organizations, then that would be considered extremely racist, amirite?

I think what most people dont realize is that white people dont want a White history month. were jsut using that as an example. We dont want it, we jsut want there to be no black history month or hispanic history month. Why cant history just be history. we dont have to dedicate a month for one thing. Everything should just be equal. Like theres Miss America and then Miss Black America. Do you really need Miss Black America? Its just gone too far.

You wonder what it would be like if Jamie Lee Curtis was in rehab, and Lindsay Lohan sold yogurt that made your poop reliable. amirite?

What you did. It's there, and I see it.

Just because you don't like PETA doesn't mean you like watching animals get slaughtered and bathing in their blood, amirite?
@ChubbyBunniez What do you mean they slaughter hundreds of animals ever year? Legit question.

Basically what Katffro said. They euthanize them becasue apparently its cheaper to do that than to spend actual time trying to find them homes. see this way they can spend more money on sexual ads and throwing paint at people with fur coats. perfect logic.

iPhone should have a "I'm laying at a weird angle,
don't change screen orientation" button. amirite?
Two of the worst variables to have to use are "s" and "t", because they get confused with 5's and +'s, amirite?

mmmmm fucking "t"s

Drug detection dogs are trained by making them addicted to drugs and that's beyond fucked up, amirite?
@i don't think so, they die young due to the drug's effects

yes but the post is wrong. the dogs dont get addicted to drugs. thats like saying just becasue you can tell what animal it is by its feces, your addicted to poop. it just doesnt make sense. dogs arent trained that way.

It doesn't matter how old you get, you still use a teaspoon when eating cereal, amirite?

Uhm no i use normal spoons. In fact I dont know anyone who uses or ever used a tea spoon for cereal.

You wonder if mailmen deliver their own mail, or if it's just an endless chain of mailmen delivering to other mailmen, amirite?

"Well I guess a P.O. box could, in theory, break the chain, but-"
"Don't you have a paper to finish?"

it doesn't matter if we think someone's beautiful or not; all people were created in God's image, we're all beautiful to God, and that's all that matters, amirite?

religion is not opinion. its belief.

Whether you are atheist or not its still annoying when someone claims that their being atheist means that they must be smarter, amirite?

OP is implying that christians dont do the same thing.

It's possible. It happened to me, but I was really sick and didnt know it until I threw up in the library a few hours later.

How much easier life would be if you could go backwards as well as forwards when setting your alarm clock, amirite?

I can four :D