About me.

Cheesy intro?
Hey there, the name's spicygenou, but no worries it's not on my birth certificate, that'd be totes awk. If you're here, and not somehow just on some mental link with my profile, welcome. Enjoy the creep sesh, leave a comment, an emoticon, anything! Please, I'm begging!!!!1!!!q13 Ha! Totally kidding, but there's nothing better than the conversion of strangers to friends, so ya know, don't be shy. :]

About me?
Well, I just started my freshman year at ND! Go Irish! I'm studying Chemical Engineering and considering minoring in Biomedical Eg and also getting an MBA, but we'll see if things change. I love math. Squee, nerds unite! I'm a pretty typical humanoid, average height, brown hair, brown eyes. Your girl next door persona. Buuut, no one's written a song about me ]: Oh, and I'm a romantic. Hit me up about love and I'll never shut up. That's the stuff I'm the most opinionated about, relationships. Whether they're between friends, lovers, or even God. Those have the potential to strike a nerve with me.

Favorite things?
First off, I love soccer. It makes the world go round. Also, math, but I said that earlier. The color orange. Snow cones. Lasagna. Puppies and hamsters. Kisses. CUDDLING. Snow. South Dining Hall. Emojis. When a guy gives me flowers or compliments me. When the guy I like talks to me all sweet, like the good old days before he became a raving dick--oh, ahem. Where was I? Oh yes, singing, dancing, gossiping, and hanging with my friends. And making new friends. I love being in clubs, right now I'm Native American, French, Sci-fi and Fantasy, Chess, Juggling, Club Soccer, and a handful of Eg-related nerdy ones :P plus some service clubs.

Least favorite things?
Close-minded people. Meatloaf. Onions. My allergies. Losing in sports. Losing a quality guy to a skank, hoar, prostitute-in-training, or general loose, promiscuous sort of woman. When a guy doesn't pay attention to me when on a date. Pretty much all sorts of minor heart breakage. And of course I detest the ultimate manifestation of love lost, but there's no one you can hate but yourself for that one; when you fall too hard, you're bound to get trampled. Oh and I am a shameless hobophobe: note, not homophobe, hoBo. I'm sorry, but they terrify me. I'll still serve them at shelters when I can but I can't get over my discomfort.

Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit.

Oh, so you're religious?
Why I am indeed. Christian, no specific branch. Curious? I'd love to tell you about it, minus the throat-ramming-down bits.

Closing remarks?
Nah, just... je suis moi, mon ami. :]