Women, if men wanted your opinion, we would ask you what goes good on whole wheat, amirite?
@Yeah I always wonder how often guys who say things like this get laid. Good idea boys, insult the thing that you...

You're right, Sarah. I'm a guy, and it's sexist pigs like him that make it hard for fair, nice, non-sexist boys, like me, to get girlfriends. And CapedCrusader, you are a horrible person.

You secretly love top hats, amirite?

Actually, I should have said no, it's not a secret.

Guys, until you have a period, you don't have it worse. End of argument. Amirite?

I wouldn't know, but it must be terrible.

It's not cheating if... Insert excuse here... No, jerk, I'm pretty sure it's still cheating, amirite?
@MeilK It is not cheating if you are just kissing your mom good-bye.

Yeah, @259060 (MeilK): That isn't really an excuse, and I'm sure your girlfriend/wife would understand.

You used to know the first 151 Pokemon like the back of your hand, amirite?

I still do.

Cookies, cartoon and icecream are far better than drugs, sex, rock and roll. amirite?

Ice Cream on, dude!

More so with video games.

You know, it's because of those sexist IDIOTS out there, that make fun of women and say that they should only work in kitchens, that nice guys are having trouble getting girlfriends, amirite?

Someone needs to shut his mouth and tell that to his mother.
P.S. I am a male, so if you're trying to be sexist, you are hopelessly confused.

You voted on this post, amirite?

How can you vote no way!?

The movie "Cats & Dogs" is totally copying G-force. Amirite?

Cats and Dogs came out first, and they are completely different.

Guys that are jerks make it so much harder for the rest of us to get girlfriends. amirite?

That is my exact opinion. It just isn't fair to us.

Women are like Berty Bot's Every Flavor Beans. They're all different, some are sweet, some are sour, and some can be just gross. You have to keep looking to find the one that's right for you, amirite?

But I can't really put that because I'm a guy... but that is true.

The worst punishment in the world; not being able to sleep. amirite?

It's called sleep depervation and is actually used as a form of torture, although technically is not torture, so it can be used, and is even used here in the US.

There already is a Pokemon called Happiny

When talking about God, fundamentalist Christians will say they believe because it makes sense to them, and the atheists will ask "Where's your proof?" But when talking about evolution, the atheists will say they believe because it makes sense them, and the fundamentalist Christians will ask "Where's your proof?", amirite?
@DanielJames And the atheists aptly respond, "there are vast amounts of empirical data that support evolution."

Good point. I personally believe in both, and I think that if there were definite proof that God existed, it would defeat the whole purpose of "faith."