How do you show your identity to the world?

You don't!

It's hard to live you're life to the fullest when you're at school all the time,amirite?

Schoo/work has nothing to do with your life.

If Christmas is your favorite holiday then why?
Would you rather have million in cash and no friends or have friends but no money??

Friends, but no money

Last year's January. I've never been so despaired in my life to this day. I cried in our family's store so hard I actually sobbed loudly. . .

sometimes we feel so alone and unwanted even among a huge crowd of people whom you know!! this feeling sucks seriously! what can you do to help yourself!!

If you feel unwanted - you aren't wanted. Go and find someone who want your company

How many grooves are there on an LP record?

less than 7?

Which is more important; level of education or years of experience?

Both are important.

How many outs in an inning?
Sometimes when your friends make fun of you jokingly it actually hurts, amirite?

It used to, but then I found out they weren't really my friends. Now my friends make fun of me jokingly, and I get the joke. I've never felt hurt by them, never!

What would your ''last words'' be?

I tried. . .

Don't you love dark cloudy days?

Depends on mood. . .

How do you think we can motivate young people to perceived and purposeful studying?

Show them the benefits of their work?

If you had to pick a way to die, what would you pick?

Suprise me!

More "proof" that science is just as unreliable as religion. This study used as a "control subject" a dead fish. The dead fish could recognize and respond to expressions of human emotion. A dead fish! How can you support any "scientific truth" when there is abundant evidence for my contention that knowledge is impossible.

How do I fucking Agree or Disagree?!?