Justin bieber is going to be in a c.s.i. episode. You are going to watch and see if he is the murder victim, amirite?

Spoiler... He dies

Some girls just like to be sexy even if it is freezing cold outside, amirite

She succeeded

There should be a prime number of states because the Pledge of Allegiance says that America is indivisible, amirite?

I was about to say that if we were to add puerto rico, it would work. Then I realized I'm stupid and 51 is divisible by 3

It sucks when your blanket is just a little bit too short, making it impossible to get perfectly comfortable, amirite?

This is almost the exact same as my third or fourth post

You appreciate that <script>if ( currentUserUsername ) { document.write(currentUserUsername+" is an active user");}
else { document.write("there are many active users"); }</script> on this site, amirite?

This one got me for a second and then I saw Tia

I need a dispenser here, amirite?

The spy is zappin my sentry

It's rare to find a YouTube video from 2007 or earlier that has the sort of merit or semblance of quality content that we (sometimes) see today, amirite?

Red vs. blue was pretty good and the started in 2002

Or the KKK is to Christianity

If people evolved from apes, then why are there still apes, amirite?

They talked about this on a rooster teeth podcast a few weeks ago. They literally said the exact line. But this is two years old.

When you meet someone with the same name as your pet you can't take them seriously, amirite?

It would be hard to take a "Patches" seriously, even if that wasn't my dogs name.

Its great when the insides of you're clothes have cool patterns, but it is also pretty sad because people can't see them. amirite?

This is known as Steaz

It's sad that we live in a society where there exists a clothes size called "XXXL", amirite?

My dad wears a 2XLT just because he's so tall

Pornstars probably don't enjoy sex that much anymore, amirite?

Look up painkiller already 104 on YouTube, they talk to a pornstar about it

While some foods are very overly aprreciated (like nutella), there are also some foods that aren't given enough credit. Take salt, for example. It's nearly impossible to cook any decent meal with out it and yet you never hear anyone talk about how amazing salt is, amirite?

My mom loves salt

If you choose to go into the army and get hurt, you deserve it, amirite?

You're an ass