the ''congratualtions, you won'' voice scared the crap out of you, amirite?

Who else read this and imagined this with the exact voice recording they always use?

It's kind of suspicious when the people on Say Yes to the Dress have a meeting about something that pertains directly to the appointments of that day, for example, the meeting is about brides having difficult family members on the day when someone comes in with a witch of a mom, amirite?
@partinobodycular Only kind of? It's almost like the show is staged.

It's not staged, they just take the clips of the appointments that relate to each other and make it into one episode. Like having mean mothers, or a large bridal party, or the fiance helping pick the gown. They obviously didn't all happen on the same day, they just edit it that way so the episode makes sense...

You would eat a chocolate covered classic lays potato chip, amirite?

I've made them before. Kinda like a chocolate covered pretzel only a lot salter. Still really yummy :)

Clear alcohols are for rich women on diets, amirite?

It's from "parks and rec", people.

some songs are completely ruined by the music video, amirite?

I have a rule to never watch music videos for songs I actually like. I prefer the pictures I make in my head much better, and I like them to stay that way.

You always plan on an awesome halloween costume, but just end up leaving it to the last minute, amirite?

I already bought 2 (of my 4) Halloween costumes for this year... and it's not even October yet...

When you you get to pick your partner in a class that you have a friend in, it's awesome; when you don't have any friends in the class, you go into slight panic mode hoping you won't be the loner who can't find a partner. amirite?
@TheTall123 Also awkward when you try to sneak a second 'you' into your post, and someone notices it.

Shit, definitely didn't even notice that. Also not sure why I even typed it that way lol

It's impressive that Taylor Swifts new song became the fastest song ever to become #1 on i Tunes seeing as she's only an average singer who has shallow lyrics. She's really overachieving for her skills, amirite?
The great thing about water is that when you drink it with ice the water doesn't get diluted as the ice melts, amirite?

Although, you could pour whatever beverage you'll be drinking into an ice tray, freeze them, and use those in the drink. That way when the "ice" melts, your drink isn't diluted. But that obviously takes planning in advance.

You know it's called copy paper but you still say printing paper, amirite?

I call it computer paper... Which now actually kind of sounds ridiculous since it's for the printer and not the computer itself... hmm smilie

You use your cell phone as a flashlight and hit random buttons to keep it lit. amirite?

flashlight app ftw.

It's annoying when people assume you're dating someone of the opposite sex just because they see you hang out with them a lot, amirite?

A few years back, I got friend requests on facebook from both of my friend Chris' sisters. I had never actually met either of them, but I didn't want to be rude so I just accepted them. At this time, Chris had just started dating our friend Kristen. I later found out that the reason his sisters had friended me on facebook was because they hadn't met her yet, and they assumed that I was the one he was dating because he talked about hanging out with me all the time. Apparently it made the event of his sisters meeting his actual girlfriend very awkward, as that was the moment they realized they thought his girlfriend was someone else. Kristen was not too pleased, but I thought it was pretty funny.

While I agree that you could totally lose your balance and hurt your foot, I don't think that if you broke your foot you wouldn't be able to feel it until the tingling stops. It's a tingly numbness, not an epidural.

They should make a reverse Hooters restaurant that only staffs hot shirtless guys and serves stereotypical female foods like salad, vegetarian food, yogurt, and chocolate desserts. They could call it Bollocks. amirite?

As brilliant as this idea is, am I the only one who would rather have a burger for dinner than yogurt or salad?

It's really annoying that fast food restaurants give you the tiniest little cups of water when you ask for it to drink. Just because I'm not drinking soda with my meal doesn't mean I'm not thirsty. amirite?
@ginnypotter93 I work at a movie theatre, and we can't give our soda cups away for free because the cups are what the customers...


However, if a person comes in and orders JUST a cup of water, and we give it to them for free, we have lost 5 cents instead of making a profit. In cases like this, we give them the dinky little courtesy cup of water. They aren't a paying customer, and so giving them the small cup of water (or even charging them if you'd like), is completely acceptable.