Hair would 1000x creepier if it was the same color as your skin, amirite?

Black people?

One of the most amazing sensations in life is when you lift an object that is extremely light when you were expecting it to be very heavy. amirite?
If everyone agree on a world language we could all speak it within a generation, amirite?

Base 10 numbers and math is the closest you will ever get. Maybe binary once skynet takes over.

In 20 to 30 years there will be nursing homes filled with old guys listening to heavy metal, amirite?

Cure 'em all

Even if we were all the same race, humans would still find reasons to hate each other based on superficial factors. amirite?

Like skin color!

"I'll be younger in the future" is true for future you. amirite?

I had a stroke reading this.

we can teach an AI how to make an AI and it would kill everyone because humans are the only problem earth has, amirite?

Says every 80's sci-fi movie ever.

If human beings were nocturnal, stereotypical monsters would look very different. amirite?

If we were nocturnal, we probably wouldn't have as good eyesight so the scariest monsters would likely be the loudest

The elephant is way bigger than even the biggest birds. If the blue whale is the biggest creature that can "fly" through water, who knows what walks around on the ocean floor. amirite?
You can not change the people in your life, but you can change the people in your life. amirite?

Half of that is true, the people in my life make me who I am, while it isn't that I am 100% them, they still have a huge influence on me, therefore you can change the people in your life, and you can change the people in your life, while

Whenever an insect or small animal is sitting on your body, you get tiny hugs. amirite?

that is a cute way to look at it. They could also be giving us tiny kicks.

Airbenders could probably waterbend by manipulating the air around it and freeze/evaporate it, amirite?
@FokJa You're right the idea wasn't explored per se, but there is a scene in Korra where "void bending" is used. It only...

Technically speaking, every time zahir (ain't native English speaker, don't know how to spell names) made someone suffocate he used void bending. And what scene are you talking about ?

A candle that is used frequently has a much shorter life expectancy than a human, but a candle that is never used will be around much longer after any human. amirite?

u r so dumb

Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?
@Nlphbtsms I think I'll pass, dumbass

Ok. Make sure you tell the medical staff at your local hospital that you don't want put on a ventilator either once you get sick. Save us the hard decision.

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?
@MushySpotlol Username checks out

Absinthe makes your dick small confirmed.