About me.

Class of 2012 :) Green is my favorite color and turtles are the animals:)
Lives in Southern California. I want to be a Pediatrician and major in Biology. I am of middle eastern descent. I am a Muslim but I hate it when people ask me if my ethnicity is Islamic (really now?).

Sarcastic, impatient, stubborn, determined. I love to make things, I love making bracelets and jewelry. I sorta knit. I'm in ceramics class and I love it. It's what keeps me going everyday in school. I am a good student but I feel as if I know most of the things my teacher has taught me so I usually draw in class :/

I will tell you how it is. I don't believe in bashing people on the Internet because I really don't know you and that's low to do. I am trying to improve my grammar...

My taste of music varies... I really enjoy the Beatles, Nirvana, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Kiss, Maroon 5, The Pierces, Sami Yusuf, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Never Shout Never, Green Day, System of a Down, The White Stripes just to name some lol. However I do like some of Katy Perry's songs (not Teenage Dream or California Girls!!) and even Miley Cyrus's. Just for dancing or singing with friends.

My dream is to travel and make a children's book. I really want to enjoy the positive influences of life. I hope to help many people and establish a significant change in someone's life. I really want a friend who agrees with me in these so talk to me!