You never see anyone refueling their cars in the fast and furious movies, amirite?

And no one ever says goodbye when they hang up a phone on TV or movies. It's because it is boring and they only have a certain amount of time to impress you!

Sunlight is the one natural resource humans have not contaminated. amirite?
There is no such thing as Almond Milk because there's no such thing as an almond titty. amirite?
@88080808088 Peanut butter

Peanut butter is actually peanuts though. It's only called butter because it's a spread.

It seems like whenever you clip your fingernails you are quickly confronted with a task that would have been way easier to accomplish if you had longer nails, amirite?

Also, in adulthood I find myself cutting my nails like all the time--at least once every 7-10 days. It seemed like when I was younger I would cut my nails every couple of months.

Using a black-belt when you're actually a white-belt gives you an advantage before a fight. So does wearing a white-belt when you're actually a black-belt during the fight. amirite?
@Densefever But your pants would fall down

It's a distraction technique passed down from the original secret ninja plumbers many moons ago.

People survive 100% of their near-death experiences. amirite?

There be 60 seconds passing every minute in Africa

There is no such thing as Almond Milk because there's no such thing as an almond titty. amirite?
The average person can spend up to a third of their life asleep. amirite?
The last three syllables of "Hubba Bubba" sound exactly the same, amirite?

There's a future for you, no doubt!

If you got braces as a kid it wasn't cuz you were a nerd. It's cuz your parents cared about your dental health. amirite?

My girlfriend got braces not because she wanted or really needed them but her mom wanted her to be perfect. Don't push your insecurities on your kids, its ok not to have movie-star perfect teeth. Keep them healthy and clean though.

Homosexuality is most likely humanity's natural form of population control. amirite?

No it's natures form of raising kids no one wants.

There is no such thing as Almond Milk because there's no such thing as an almond titty. amirite?
@Milkzey Almond milk is actually almonds though. It's only called milk because it's a drink 🤷

No, it's called almonds because Almond Juice sounds disgusting. Water is added to finely ground Almonds to make it.

In a relationship with Wolverine, getting fingered would have to be so stressful. amirite?

But the blades actually come out of his knuckles so if they go off, they dont go straight in

As adults, we imitate our heroes no more, no less than children. amirite?

We just have different heroes.

If Monsters Inc and Toy Story took place in a shared universe the toys would have stayed up all night defending their children from the scary monsters. amirite?

The whole "children's toys are toxic" plot line is an elaborate lie perpetuated by the toys so the monsters won't kidnap them