About me.

Let's see...
-My name is Sophie xD
-My parents are English, but they were stupid and moved to America, so I was born in crappy New York State, so I'm technically American
-My best friend's name is Mel and she lives in Italy. I only see her during the summer D=
-I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I've only actually gotten good at it this year xD
-I draw in a style that is like a realistic-ish anime style XD
-My favourite shows are Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Degrassi xD;;
-My friend Matt insists on calling me 'Limey.' He says that because my parents are English, so am I x_X
-I like using emoticons xD
-I'm really short ._.;;; only 5 feet tall
-I really want to go to Italy and Japan sometime XD
-My favourite bands include All Time Low, Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Motion City Soundtrack, the Editors, Enter Shikari, Sum 41, AFI, and many more, but my all time favourite is Bullet for my Valentine =DDD
-I love to write stories, but the only time I show them to people is if I have to -like, if it's a school project. My English teacher said that the story I wrote this year was 'masterfully-written, but a little disturbing.' ^^;;;;
-I swear. A lot.
-I don't pay attention to politics =/
-I find that yelling and hitting computers doesn't help them run faster, but I do it anyway ^^;
-I went to England in July for my birthday and to visit my family.
-York, England is a really, really nice place =D
-I live in the most boring town ever: Trumansburg x.X