Boys are not going to run to your house at 3am with flowers. They aren't going to scream that they love you down the hallway. They aren't always going to randomly text you to tell you how beautiful you are. They probably aren't going to sing and dance with you in the rain. Yes, they cheat and lie, some of them. But so do girls. Stop setting these high fucking expectations and get over it. amirite?

if i had a boyfriend like that id say "back the fuck off, and stop being such a facebook group" :P

There is a HUGE plot hole in a Little Mermaid. Hasn't Ariel ever heard of WRITING? I bet if she'd just calmly written the situation down in an explanation that Eric could understand, she could have saved herself a LOT of trouble, amirite?
@KickAss In mermaidian... it might not be the same writing as human writing

Ah, fair enough. Or it might be in FIN-nish....I'm here all night :)

It would awesome to be able to draw things and have them come to life like in Harold and the Purple Crayon, amirite?

What about all those dicks we draw on our friends' schoolbooks?

For my sociology project, I have to break the norm and note the reactions. I can't do anything illegal or morally frowned upon. Going around a crowded shopping mall with my friend and talking loudly about me being pregnant is a good idea, amirite?

When I did that I walked into a lift (elevator) with my friend and we both stood with our backs to the door. Everyone was really uncomfortable!

If you are what you eat, do anorexics even exist, amirite?
When you have a baby, you will not give them a name that they will be embarrassed of when they are older. Sure, the trend now is for unique names, but the line separating unique from abstract is pretty fine, amirite?
@WolfeDeWary Im going to call my kid unique, so it will be fun introducing them to people.

Or "Special":
"Hey everyone! This is my daughter, Megan, and this is my son. He's Special."

With condoms becoming so expensive, we should all just turn gay, amirite?

Just. Just no.

I love how every guyassumes he's a "nice" or "good" guy.

Fellow Brits: You were genuinely shocked to find out that Americans don't have vinegar....amirite?

Vinegar dosen't sound like a real word any more.

It's not Happy Holidays, it's Merry Christmas, amirite?

i know! merry christmas is a GREETING, it's someone hoping you have a good day. it's not like people say "happy mass-murdering of jewish children and puppies day! hope you choke on your turkey!"

Why do we say African American? I don't call myself German American, I was born in America, so I'm American. So why aren't we all just Americans? amirite?

Ive read african too much, now it doesnt seem like a word.

What did the pedophile say when he got out of jail? I feel like a kid again! Amirite?

don't you hate it when people use the word "like" when it's not relevant? ;)

If you are what you eat, do anorexics even exist, amirite?

and im a pussy.

You have absolutely no sympathy for people who complain about being good looking. amirite?
I have decided to produce and sell a strong alcoholic drink called "Responsibly" That way everyone in the country can get shit faced drinking responsibly. And all the other drinks makers will be advertising for me on their cans with the slogan "please drink responsibly" Probably will piss off the government as well. amirite?