Big Time Rush....yup I give 'em 2 more years, then we'll see one as a gay stripper, one in jell, one as an underwear model and one in rehab. amirite?

Uh... what is jell?
you mean jail?
Hurry fix it before your 3 minutes are up

It's difficult to understand why some believe Morgan Freeman is talented. He has always played the same self-righteous, irritating and borderline personality disorder patient in every movie, amirite?

He plays God in like 2 movies

A woman asked a genie to make her a billion times smarter than any woman on earth, so the genie turned her into a man, amirite?

See, it's ok for a woman to say this the other way.... but not a man.
Double standards ftw

It's socially acceptable to have a 2.5 inch doodle, amirite?

Only if it's a cheese doodle....

If your name is Stacie/Stacy, be prepared to have that infamous line sung to you, amirite?

"Stacie's mom has got it going on!" From the song Stacie's Mom by Fountains of Wayne

If we didn't have contractions like "Don't, they're, haven't, it's, wasn't ect" and actually said "Do not, they are have not ect", we would sound just a little bit smarter. amirite?

We would look smarter if we used commas...

'Traylor' is a pretty name. Amirite?

Kinda trashy.....

trailer trash pun for those not catching on(;

It bugs you when drivers leave a huge space between your car and the car in front of you while you're waiting at a stoplight, amirite?

So, you irritate yourself when you don't pull up?

The people that "don't care what you think" are usually the ones that act like bitches. amirite?

good thing they don't care that you think that

Asking someone who their favorite kardashian is is like asking them what their favorite STD is, amirite?

My favorite STD is the one I get from my favorite Kardashian

What ever happened to all men striving to become Gentlemen? amirite?

One Word: Feminism

You used to put raspberries over your finger and pretend your finger had an afro, amirite?

No... but I'm gunna(:

Jesus's middle name must start with a H. I mean, people do yell "Jesus H. Christ.", amirite?
@It's not H, it's F, as in "Jesus F. Christ!" or, if you're not a pussy, "Jesus Fucking Christ!"

I've never heard it that way, I guess cause many people prefer to not "use thy lords name in vain."
That or they don't like swearing in public??

Why would I buy a medication from tv if one of the side effects is eventual death, amirite?

Eventual death?
We all die eventually

Chris Brown beat Rihanna so bad, she forgot her name, amirite?