It's racist to have college scholarships based on ethnicity. Where's the middle-class-white-kid-from-the-suburbs scholarship, amirite?

if i live right next door to a black kid whose parents make the same amount of money as mine, he and i get the same grades and test scores ect...and he gets a scholarship simply because he's black? THATS racist.

"Just The Way You Are" is basically saying how Bruno Mars only likes the girl for her looks. Great message to listeners, amirite?

i think the message was SUPPOSED to be that the girl was perfect the way she was and she didn't need to change anything about herself for him to love her...

We should stop having so much debate about abortion and just invest in better contraceptives, amirite?

lets face it, not a lot of people like wearing condoms, so would it be entirely unreasonable for people to create a birth control of sorts for guys? something that just makes them sterile while they're taking it? idk....i think it would be a good idea.

It should be illegal to have sex until you take a test that shows you will be sufficient parents, amirite?

i get that, and its awful what happens to kids, i agree with you. but people have been having sex since the dawn of time, and nothing is gonna keep it from happening. mostly, i think, we should focus on ways to keep people who do not want kids from having them.

It should be illegal to have sex until you take a test that shows you will be sufficient parents, amirite?

thats ridiculous. how are you supposed to study for that? you cant! because even people who are married and are trying for kids don't know 100% that they'll be good parents, nobody does! its not a science, its a feeling. buy a condom and get over yourself.

Its truly disgusting when a girl thinks its okay to go into the beach/pool on her period WITHOUT wearing a pad or tampon. amirite?

the water may hold your period in for a little bit, but still, if you're not wearing at tampon it'll still come out. its like peeing in the pool! ughh

You want to make a 'Born This Way' t-shirt after the Glee episode, amirite?

i loved kurts "likes boys" one. man, that takes balls. i dunno what mine would say. something akin to "tummy" or something. i feel a little chunky, and it would probably do me some good to lose weight.

You have a love-hate relationship with your cellphone. You can't imagine life without it..... And yet at the same time you want to smash the fucking thing with a sledge-hammer. Amirite?

its your baby, and your enemy all at once. i get it lol

You never actually see anyone tie the strings on a hoodie unless they're a small child or just being dorky, amirite?

clearly, you don't live in colorado lol i do that all the time to keep my ears warm

'Teen Mom' is disgusting. All it does is cause girls far too young to raise a child to get knocked up and expect to get on the show, amirite?

i dunno about other girls, or people in general, but i look at teen mom as like....the best method of birth control ever. (well not really ever but you get it.) i mean i look at how much that would suck and how hard life is. its like a live abstinence ad or something. i would never want that as a teenager and seeing those girls go through it only solidifies my fear of getting pregnant. it doesn't make me wanna have a kid....i don't think any part of that show is glamorous or enticing.

Guys who drive compact cars: Your penis compensates for the size of your car, amirite?

and vice versa! if you have a huge lifted f450 with a smoke stack and that little metal ballsack thing, its compensating for the size of your microscopic penis.

We should make a calendar that abruptly stops at a year, like the mayans to fuck with future generations, amirite?

my phone calendar goes to 2030, then jumps bakwards to 1900. what does that mean?

Christina Aguilera was too busy learning all of those extra notes to remember the words to the national anthem, amirite?

you know what? she sings like jesus, and she was prolly nervous as fuck, i know i would be. everyone messes up every once in a while and she did WAAAAAAAY better than fergie.

We had a man talk to us about chastity today, and he suggested that couples don't even snuggle close together because boys will automatically want sex. It's annoying when people overgeneralize and think that every boy is a horny animal and every girl is a temptress just waiting to make him lose control, amirite?

in my media studies class we once watched a documentary about how everything aimed at teenagers was sex oriented. like one person said "teens have sex, and when they're not doing it, they're thinking about it or talking about it." i'm like ok, regardless of whether or not me and my friends een have sex lives, its litterally not what we talk about at all. yeah, occasionally, but not 24/7 like this idiot said.

New game: Try and guess the famous actor speaking in the car commercials, amirite?

yeah i feel like i've been hearing jeff bridge's voice alot for car commercials. maybe even a tax loan commercial? idk.