Its unfair how if a fat girl posts a picture of herself in her underwear saying how she loves her body, she's proud of how she looks, etc. She gets comments about how 'brave' and 'real' she is but if a skinny girl does the exact same thing she gets called an attention whore, amirite?
@life is not fair. Get over it.

You could say that to almost every post on here.

i think of sponge bob as a cleaning tool, amirite?

What the fuck is that thing next him?

Guys: Girls are prettiest when they're in between fat and super skinny, with just enough curves, Amirite?

Everyone's right, but im gonna pretend guys really do think that so i can feel sexy

I don't know why girls are going to see Eclipse just to see Taylor Lautner shirtless... I mean, why not watch porn, amirite?

Taylor lautner doesn't do porn.

Your second toe is longer than your big toe, amirite?
Every woman has a choice! Our body, our choice. If abortions become illegal I see a lot more deaths from illegal abortions. Making abortions illegal is taking a step backwards!
it is annoying how pretty much no one knows about paramore. p.s. paramore is a band. amirte? amirite?

p.s. everyone knows about paramore

parents should never drink around their kids, amirite?

i meant like one after another, one or two is fine yeah

Maybe is a baby that needs to be loved, until it says its first word. Now depending on the first word, the mother and father of this maybe could fight whether the baby's first word was in fact yes. So they end up divorced and they must find our how to take care of this maybe and en up giving it to a good fried of theirs, but after they realize that the maybe should be with it's birth parents, they decide to remarry and get back their baby. They then live on and the maybe dies young, amirite?

What even is this?

This baby is now in their teens. Kind of weird to think about, amirite?

It's not that weird. I was a baby when that show came on and now I'm a teenager so it makes sense.

I found out today that 2/3 of adults are overweight. They should just raise the weight that people are supposed to weigh so there would be less people overweight. Problem Solved. Amirite?

i was going to agree to this , but it said 69 people already so i decided to leave like that.

I'm a 16 year old guy who doesn't have a Facebook and doesn't play COD. I need to be protected in a zoo, amirite?

No... You need to be my boyfriend

You always butter the darker side of your toast, amirite?

i love your username

If you rape somebody in the middle of the forest and nobody is around to hear it, is it still a rape? amirite?

oh, Pedo Bear!

When you visit another country other than your homeland, the United States, you realize how fortuitous you really are for living in America. Other countries citizens suffer extreme tax hikes and make no different pay than you or me, paying for even higher priced products and goods. Other countries citizens face extreme violence and don't have things such as a police force. Other countries citizens tend to suffer abuse from their own governments. American citizens, we are lucky for what we have! amirite?

I'm pretty sure America isn't the only free country..