About me.

  • I live for music
  • I play clarinet, flute, oboe, english horn, guitar, piano, drums, and keytar (primary instruments: oboe & keytar)
  • I want to learn to play trumpet, bassoon, harp, and cello
  • I absolutely love electronica and orchestral music
  • I write/mix music using the artist name StarlinK
  • I'm a total spazz
  • stupid things amuse me
  • I'm very emotional and sensitive
  • if someone does something that really bothers me, I will get angry
  • I love the Legend of Zelda
  • I'm addicted to Tim Hortons (YaY for being Canadian :3)
  • GIR is the greatest cartoon character ever (imo)
  • I'm waiting for the day I run into something at night because I'm too busy staring up at the stars
  • I wear stretchers and I love them (they are still small enough that my ears don't look deformed and the holes can close when I take them out)
  • I have three tattoos and they all have very important meanings to me

If you wanna chat and get to know me better then go for it. =) I'm a friendly person. :3