People fighting about British and American English: You live in different countries with different grammar and spelling rules, SUCK IT UP. No-one is wrong or right, it's all just different. amirite?
@Nacklefoodle Except "no one" is still "no one" no matter from what country you are.

Forgive me, I made a grammar error, equally wrong in all forms of English. However, I can't go back and fix it now...

You really want some kind of muffin or pie right now. amirite?

wow... this thing is an even fight to the death... i don't wanna vote because i'm scared my vote will be swayed by the lack of a landslide...

It doesn't seem like your parents "help with an addiction to _," it seems like they're "banning _ from you forever." The only good thing is if "___" is drugs or cigarretes, amirite?

Romeo and Juliet... they totally know where your commin from.

Someone really needs to invent a device to perfect the string lengths on hoodies, amirite?
@528491 and a device to extract them when the washer decides to suck them into the hoodie

Just tie them in a bow before washing the hoodie... then it can't suck it through the hoodie...

they should totally change blind mode into Schrodinger Mode. that would probably be enough to make me actually use it!

You hate repeating things three times, amirite?

Here's some funny things:



knock knock knock "Penny!"
knock knock knock "Penny!"
knock knock knock "Penny!"

the things is, i couldn't decide which joke to make, all three of these things were entertaining to me.

Guys: Proof that being kicked in the balls is more painful than childbirth. Several months after being kicked in the balls, a male does not say "I think i want another kick in the balls", amirite?

does no-one realize that this is a bloody joke? he's not serious... while it is true that no guy ever wants to be kicked in the balls after they've felt the pain once... any guy with a brain can see that passing a football through yourself would hurt like hell...

so, again, this is just a joke.