If you don't celebrate July 4th (and you are a US citizen) then you are obviously a terrorist, amirite?
We have all been the best at something, amirite?

best post ever y smilie

All you want for Christmas is a big bowl of happiness, amirite?

this is a really great drawing! y smilie

The next time you feel like you can't help anyone, just remember: every time you wash or dry your hands, you are helping someone go to the bathroom amirite?

hahahaha woww

Its ridiculous how much some girls spend on a prom dress when 90% of them are ugly, amirite?
It would be simple to steal a Chinese child because they all look alike, amirite?

so i guess
all italians look alike because they all have major disgusting arm and leg hair
all irish people look alike because they all have red hair & many freckles
all germans look alike because they all have blonde hair blue eyes
all africans look alike because all of them are black
all hispanics look alike because their skin is slightly darker than others

wow and so that makes asian people all alike because our eyes are smaller than most people...have some safe sex and go fuck yourself man

The day that trash talker on Formspring forgets to check 'anonymous' is the best, amirite?
@Sgt_Fink I once got a stream of anonymous questions about my penis but apperently the culprit forgot to click anonymous near...

LOL does he know that he didn't put anonymous? omg if i were him, i'd feel even more awkward

Pennsylvanians are the only ones who care about Punxsutawney Phil..amirite?
You know what BSB means, amirite?


When life hands you tampons, soak them up in kool-aid and throw them at your brother, amirite?
Live Your Life = do what you want YOUR way; NOT you're parents' way. Amirite?
@dicky So that you couldnt say i was an anon fail? wtf does that have to do with anything

because idk who you are and you just randomly commented on this...and if your not the anon person i was arguing with...then you have nothing to do with this. so idk what you are talking about?

Don't you hate being sick, amirite?
@allybally Who doesn't?

my friend Carolyn...she even has a favorite sickness...she loves having Strepp Throat (EWWWWW)

If you were old enoguh to pick an insurance company, you would pick geico just because they have the best commercials, amirite?

i love the geico commercials! hahaha
"...did the little piggy cry wee wee wee all the way home?"

I understand that everyone makes spelling mistakes, but when your entire argument completely depends on one word (ex. can/can't) you should pay more attention, amirite?