About me.

I'd like to think I'm still kind of a big deal on here. Don't tell me otherwise.
No one I like still comes on here and that's sad.
Sometimes I look like my picture but mostly I don't.
Conor is beautiful.
I'm not vivaciouspancakes stop asking I was here first okay
I don't like people very much or at all really unless you're pretty.
I only ever come on here to stalk Adrian and procrastinate on my homework.
You know those girls that everyone hates because they're pretty and so full of themselves yeah that's me except I'm not pretty but I'm smart and full of myself.
I'm in love with my Physics teacher.
I'm actually really mean in real life+online, don't talk to me.
I play instruments better than you do.
Really though talk to me because lonely etc.

emo smilie

It's funny because I was banned but I'M STILL HERE. Can't touch this, Oli l smilie