About me.

I'm Courtney
I'm 16
I'm from the East coast of Canada eh?
I have played basketball for 6 years
I am the only rookie who made the high school volleyball team.
I ride my polar bear to school.
I try to take a bunch of walls virginities. im just quick on my feet like that.
I'm a big supporter of gay rights although i'm not gay.
I am addicted to nutella
I hate when people go through the messages in my phone
MOVIES: the hangover, zack and miri make a porno, transformers, and i secretly have an obsession with Tangled... shh..
I have come to realize that twilight actually isn't that bad of a movie.. though i still HATE people that obsess over it .
SHOWS: family guy, friends, video on trial, and Big Brother
BOOKS: Trans-sister Radio, Is He or Isn't he? , The Truth About Forever
MUSIC: nevershoutnever, alan jackson, wiz khalifa..pretty much everything
m&ms > smarties
I love gingers.. they have souls ;)
Just to let everyone know..I dont live in an igloo, It's not always cold in canada, and i dont pronouce "about" like "a boot". That is all