Of course it's you. if it was me I wouldn't even bring it up.

Sometimes, it's both of us. I ended my last relationship because I couldn't emotionally commit to it, but also because I felt like my ex was too immature for me.

When was the climax of your life?

Right after I graduated high school, I moved to Alabama. The five months I lived there became the worst five months of my life, as I spiraled into a horrible depression. I was in a new place all by myself and I had a rough time making friends. It didn't help that my then-boyfriend of two years broke up with me during that time.
However, as much as it sucked, I learned so much from that experience, and I don't think I'd be the person I am today if I hadn't gone through it. It also had the bonus of strengthening my friendship with my best friend, who was the only person in my life who really, truly stuck by my side throughout everything I went through.

Mustaches aren't cool on faces. So since when are they cool are fingers, necklaces, and tshirts, amirite?

Mustaches are cool on the right face. Not everyone can pull one off, but some can.
They should just stay on faces.

It must suck to be at a public school, because public schools are too poor to afford Smart Boards, amirite?

Okay, my university doesn't even use smart boards. They're really not all that impressive.

The way that Miley Cyrus is trying to act grown up and get away from her Disney image is sad. Real grown ups are responsible, they don't do drugs, they wear respectable clothes, and they don't party all the time and act out of control. When Emma Watson wanted to get away from her Harry Potter image she went to college, cut her hair, and started modeling. Emma Watson is the real role model, amir... amirite?

She's 19 years old, for God's sake. She can do whatever the hell she wants and dress however the hell she wants because she's a fucking human being. Just because she acted on a Disney show for a few years doesn't mean she has to be forced to have a certain "image" and act a certain way.
Miley can do whatever she wants. Emma can do whatever she wants. They're both adults. I'm so tired of everyone criticizing Miley Cyrus.

Time is always different depending on how you look at it. If there's still four days left until the weekend, it seems like the days couldn't pass any slower. If you only have one year left until college, you wonder how time moved so fast. amirite?

I'm in my junior year of college and I'm wondering how it happened so fast. I feel like I just graduated.

There are so many reasons for a girl not to save her virginity till marriage! 1. Losing it hurts like a bitch 2. You don't orgasm your first time and 3. What if your husband humps like a bunny, amirite?
@Iamonlyme I'd just like to point out, "Some people don't have orgasms" Hopefully your not implying that some girls "can't"...

A very large number of women either cannot achieve a vaginal orgasm, or it's very, very rare for one to occur. Clitoral orgasms are a lot more common, but they are two different things.

There was this one video game that you played as a kid that was more epic than some of the ones you play today. amirite?

Comix Zone for the Sega Genesis. That and the first bunch of Sonic games (basically everything before Sonic 3D Blast).

There are so many reasons for a girl not to save her virginity till marriage! 1. Losing it hurts like a bitch 2. You don't orgasm your first time and 3. What if your husband humps like a bunny, amirite?

The first two aren't necessarily true. It doesn't hurt for everyone their first time. I know it didn't for me. And who said you can't orgasm your first time? Orgasms have nothing to do with virginity.

At my high school, the physics teacher was coach of the basketball teams. They were the only decent teams my school had.

If you're gonna spend $700 Million on a memorial of 2400 people, you should spend $3.5 Million on a memorial of 12 Americans that died in the Batman movie theater, amirite?

How is it not helping out the economy? It may not seem like much is being done, but such a large memorial draws tourists, which brings money into the city. The workers building it have jobs because it needs to be built.
I dunno, I think it's helping the local economy plenty.

If people evolved from apes, then why are there still apes, amirite?

People who ask this really don't understand how evolution works.

There is not a single fucking sleeping bag in the world that can easily fit into its goddamn bag, amirite?

It's all about rolling it up tightly enough.

Guys: Sagging your pants is incredibly more comfortable than wearing them normally. amirite?
If you knew your child was retarted or conjoined early in the pregnancy, you would terminate it, amirite?
@Just because they might be mentally retarded doesn't mean they don't deserve to live. If you feel that you don't...

@Anon: As some said in another comment, there are THOUSANDS of children and teens already waiting to be adopted in America alone. Why add to that number? Couples looking to adopt often look for an ideal child, so one with health or mental problems is just going to stay in the system longer. Why would you put an unwanted child through that?