Suzanne Collins should write a fourth book in The Hunger Games series in which Katniss goes back in time and alters the events that occurred in Mockingjay to give us the ending fans deserve, and not the currently rushed Shyamalan-like ending. amirite?

Shit like this pisses me off so much.

She's the writer. She has the right to end her story however she bloody well pleases, because it's her goddamn story.

She doesn't owe you anything. Get over yourself.

Girls: if you owned a time machine, you'd go back to a time when guys were chivalrous..when they held open doors for you, when they stood outside your window quoting Shakespere, when they wanted to be with the girl they liked and not the one they wanted to get into the pants of. You'd go back to the times when romance novels were all around you in you very own life... amirite?

What back to the time when we had no rights, weren't allowed to own any property, get an education, were restricted to what jobs their were allowed to do and were paid much less than men. Their only worth was on how many sons we could give birth to. When husbands were legally allowed to beat their wives and even rape them. When women were expected to be meek and obedient to their husbands/fathers/brothers or any other male. Where most marriages were arranged and women were not allowed to divorce their abusive husbands yet he could divorce her if she did not give him a son? No thank you.

Songs that are 10+ minutes seem to be accepted by every type of music except rap. amirite?
Guitar and piano are the two best insturments to use when you sing, amirite?

Nope, definitely the flute.

Atheists: You feel offended when people pray before eating a meal that you prepared, amirite?

I don't know about my fellow atheists, but I'd be honored. They appreciate my cooking so much they thank their divine, all powerful leader for making eating it possible. That's pretty sweet.

Snooki is small, round, and brown. Therefore Snooki is a meatball. amirite?

Except people like meatballs.

You are either on an iPod or Chrome, amirite?

Actually, I'm on Firefox 8.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.1 on a 2008 White Unibody Macbook, with a 100% charging level of battery, and 3 GB of RAM, 97.75% of which is idle. The screen size, diagonally, is 13.3 inches, with a resolution of 1280x800 pixels. My browser window is occupying as much of that size as possible. The dock is hidden, allowing the window to extend to the bottom of the screen, minus 10 pixels, for some reason. amirite is the only tab open. There was, at the beginning of this sentence, 762 characters remaining in my comment. There is, at the time of posting, 69 YYAs and 50 NWs, giving a total score of +19. Currently residing in my ears are two Apple Headphones with Microphone. They are attached to the stupidly named HTC Evo 4G, with...(fuck, I'm not gonna go through all of this again), which is currently playing, through the doubletwist app, the song "Flower", by the blues artist Amos Lee, from the album "Mission Bell". It is 1:06 through the song.

There is now a baby named "Facebook." That's just sad, amirite?
Top three rules to be a good evil villain: screw deathtraps, just shoot him, under no circumstances say your evil plans and back up all evil plans/blueprints, amirite?
6 probably only spread the 7-8-9 rumor to cover up the things 6 and 9 do together, amirite?

Why are jokes in base 8 not funny? Because 7-10-11

You hate it when your girlfriend asks you to hold her handbag, and it doesn't match what you're wearing, amirite?