Yeah, coke is better than pepsi, but Dr. Pepper beats the pants off both of them. amirite?

I like Dr. Pepper, Mtn Dew, and Pepsi equally. Coke doesn't even factor in.

its not ok to wear a colour other then white at your wedding, amirite?

I'll wear whatever color I want.

Even Dr. Suess is pro-life. "So let that be a lesson to one and to all; a person is a person, no matter how small.", amirite?
@Frostehh Because it was the mothers fault she is having the child in the first place. And don't go complaining about rape...

Oh, so now women are to be FAULTED for having sex? It's our fault if a condom breaks? it's our fault if the tubal ligation doesn't work? That does happen you know.

@I read it as dyslexics, untie, but that probabably didn't make the most sense.

that's the 'standard' dyslexia joke . . . "Dyslexics, untie" - I changed it some.
I find humor in my (now corrected) dyslexia

Atheists should not say things like "Oh my god!", "Goddamn it!", or "Go to hell!", amirite?

I've retrained myself to pluralize the deity cursing . . . I'm polytheistic (with a good dose of doubt as well). Godsdamnit, oh for the love of the gods, etc. are commonplace for me. I'm working on using 'curse it all to hades' as opposed to 'damn it all to hell' and the like, but that's been a little harder

If you are a girl you have lost over 5,000 hair clips in your lifetime, amirite?

I suppose, if you use them. lost scrunchies, but that's it

You have an iPad, amirite?

my boss has one. it's cool and all, but it's still just an oversized iPod Touch.

I'm happier with my tablet PC

Girls: so we don't play with our boobs all day, but we do touch them randomly throughout the day, amirite?

and some of us are cursed with ones that just get in the way of our hands

Not once in star wars does it say "Luke I am your father", amirite?

Yes, yes it does. Watch the original trilogy.

Honestly, what's the point of tanning and skin lightening? People should be happy with the skin color they were given. amirite?

I love being pale. of course, I'm also allergic to sunlight :/

After you take a particularly painful shit, you wonder how anyone can enjoy anal sex, amirite?

or you could have simply tried it and still hate it

The fact that you wear glasses doesn't mean that you are smart; it merely means that you have worse than average vision, amirite?

I blame reading well into dark hours for my vision worsening

If you go up to your Mom right now & hug her and tell her you love her it WILL make her smile. So what are you waitin for. . . amirite?

I'm waiting for my free plane ticket to San Fransisco, plus the taxi money, and the return trip paid for to go do it. :|

Christians are just self-important, delusional hypocrites, amirite?

To all the Christians getting all up in arms at this post:
No, not all of you are leaving us alone. I was attacked repeatedly by Christians for simply stating my religion. I did nothing to them, I had not had any attitude. Yet, I was treated as though I were a demon. I suggest finding these zealots among your own flock and teaching them the proper form of Christianity, instead of getting all bent out of shape because someone is tired of being forcefully proselytized.

No, Glee's cover of (Aerosmith, queen, journey, etc.) was NOT better than the original. Those artists did not work their ass off writing and making those songs famous to be outdone by some kids on TV, amirite?
@You people whinge so much. Obviously they would need permission from the original artists. I'm betting the...

this is completely off topic, but where the hell did the word 'whinge' come from?
Is 'whine' not enough anymore?